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I pulled out the big faux bear coat this morning. I love my newer coat, but even it isn't enough in minus temperatures. Anders told me last night that they were stuck in the stuga all day yesterday because it is minus 30 celsius in Lofsdalen and the lifts were closed, ski school was cancelled and no one is venturing outside except for absolute necessities. I hope they don't have to spend the rest of their ski vacation inside!

I slept so hard this morning and the temptation to just stay in bed and not bother with work was nearly overwhelming.

bahahaha!! If I ran the world. Or at least, if I ran CNN. Try it yourself for a laugh. :)

Really good writing out there right now: My Acid Blood Burns For You, courtesy of the She-Dork

I'm supposed to go ooh and aah over a new baby after work today, and tomorrow I've mostly said yes to having a friend come over and you know what? I just want to go home and BE ALONE and play on the computer and work on Mosaic Minds and finish the AWC site and start scanning the million photographs I have to edit so that I can update my family website and move it to its new home. I AM the Anti-Social. Because I'm at that 7 day point today and while I miss my family, it's a sort of theoretical miss, if you know what I mean. I'm fully prepared to milk the entire 9 days for every bit of lovely selfish me-ness I can wring out of it.
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