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Figured I might as well spread the word that if any artists are reading this and are interested, our club is taking submissions for a new logo. We can't pay anything, but will credit the winner on the website. Contest deadline is February 24th. It has to have AWC Malmö or American Women's Club Malmö as part of the design, and should be scalable. If you have questions, let me know :)
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I spread the word to a graphic designer friend of mine. :)

Thanks! :)

I´m no artist but I am hijacking this post....Easier than finding your email...

I need translation help, Ms. technical translator goddess...

On our new self checkout machine, we have a little note:

Dra boken hit

(You need to slide the book all the way to that point for it to be demagnetized and it is not obvious)

A direct translation will NOT work, obviously. I came up with:

Slide the book to this point

Slide the book all the way to this point

But these seem so much longer than the simple Swedish one....

Any ideas???

:) I don't mind the hijacking. If they are PUSHING the book across a surface, then your second translation is what I would use. I would also assume from it, that there is some indication (and arrow or something) that indicates what the point is they are pushing the book to.

Yes, there is an arrow...

I'm a great artist! Or maybe you needed a different kind of artist....

Okay, I'll go away now.

I dare you to submit a logo design, now, Ms. BSA. Where do you come up with this stuff?!! LOL

These things just gravitate towards me. I attract weirdness I think.

But I'll start designing right away! You of course may be sorry you asked. :)

Of course you attract weirdness, if you have any doubt just look at your friend list! >:P

oh, wait, you DID hahahahahaha!!!

And they don't come weirder than that reptile woman in Flyinge!

so this is a logo for AWC? Something along these lines?

Now you're just being nasty!

Hi. galestorm thought you might like my user icon so I thought I would leave you a comment. I took a peek at your friend's list and thesidhe and cockermom are both friends of mine as well. Small world- I think I notice a trend of US women meeting their sweeties and migrating to Sweden! :) Heather

haha! I DO like your usericon! :) I had an animated moose for my first userpic when I started this journal, but haven't put it back up for awhile. And yes, you're on to us. It's the Swedish love immigrant circle! :)

My DH and I collect moose. "alcesalces" is Latin for moose. We have moose all over our house. None of them speak Swedish! LOL

I just checked out your journal, you make beautiful art and write interesting things. :) I've added you, hope that's okay. I've been collected by moose since I was 16. It's not a conscious thing, they just gravitate to me. It drives my poor Swede crazy because moose-collecting is something obnoxious German tourists do. :) My collection was relegated to the guest bathroom, but it's come creeping (if moose can be said to creep) out into the rest of the house over the past few years.

Absolutely fine that you add me- I'll add you! We've collected moose about 10 years!
I'm glad you like my art ;)

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