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Captain Kangaroo is dead. :(

mood: sad
music: Rickie Lee Jones—Ghostyhead


aww... i'm sorry to hear that :(

i loved that show.

I watched him religiously for years (when I was like, 4-6 or something) and even had a record where Captain Kangaroo sang me birthday songs with my name in! That was always great, because you don't find many songs with Jessica in the title, sadly. (I won't go on about how my younger cousins found said record years later and tormented me mercilessly about it.)

But now I look at this guy, and he's just really creepy looking. I don't know if I'd trust him (or Fred Rogers!) around my as-of-yet-non-existant children! Nevertheless, I miss those days. I always liked Mr. Greenjeans. :)

I don't know. I think I would still trust them around my kids. :) More so than the Teletubbies or those new Boohbah things. Or that weirdo from Bolibompa that dresses in drag all the time.

I was watching the news yesterday evening and found out. I have vague but pleasant memories of watching his show when I was little.
And hello, btw! :)

Hello to you, too :) I liked your journal and you're in Chicago (and your doodling on magazine ads cracked me up completely this morning)

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