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I was so motivated last night I did all of page number 2! :) Thanks for all the kind words about page 1. I stayed home from work today to go play at the festival with the AWC and hit the craft shops to buy a couple of necessaries (plus some new paints) and if it works out, meet galestorm later. Even got to sleep in an extra hour, as Anders took the kids to dagis. Yay, sleep!

I need something to organize all my crafty bits, too. Which makes me laugh as I just stripped and repainted an entire bureau just to keep my art supplies and such in. But it's in the library and NOT in my bedroom, which is where I've set up my project table.

Anyway, here's page 2. The dot on the "i" is a tiny set gemstone and the paper edge is fringed over the ring binding. :)

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