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I was so motivated last night I did all of page number 2! :) Thanks for all the kind words about page 1. I stayed home from work today to go play at the festival with the AWC and hit the craft shops to buy a couple of necessaries (plus some new paints) and if it works out, meet gale_storm later. Even got to sleep in an extra hour, as Anders took the kids to dagis. Yay, sleep!

I need something to organize all my crafty bits, too. Which makes me laugh as I just stripped and repainted an entire bureau just to keep my art supplies and such in. But it's in the library and NOT in my bedroom, which is where I've set up my project table.

Anyway, here's page 2. The dot on the "i" is a tiny set gemstone and the paper edge is fringed over the ring binding. :)

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Very cool. I'm enjoying looking at these. I also like the bureau you painted! I should do that so I have one place to keep all of my supplies too! They're everywhere!

thanks so much! :) I painted a little shelf too, if you're interested. They were 2 of my vacation projects.

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:) Well, I've never done collage before, like this, but I was an art major for 3 years before I decided I didn't have the obsession necessary to make it a career or lifestyle. :) I'm also a packrat, and have been clipping and saving images and photos and stuff since I can remember. I have boxes and notebooks full of things. The arm was an image from an Elle magazine, and the framed head was from a catalog. The stamps were from that Stamp Library I found the other day online. :)

That's bloody clever done! I'm impressed! (sounds like I didn't expect you to have skills :))

haha! thanks! :) Well, why WOULD you expect me to? You don't even know me, LOL!

(And you should have heard him being insulting about Flyinge!)

You obviously have a real talent for this. It is dazzling. I envy you such creative talents but I do look forward to seeing a lot more of your work.

insulting about Flyinge? did it involve horse apples? LOL! NO, we don't have a horse. (although we have a farm behind us that has 4) Thanks for the compliments!! :)

Nope. No horse apples. But he did make remarks about it being a "one horse town" of 8 houses etc. He even disputed that it deserved the title "town"

snort. :) he obviously hasn't been here in awhile. We're practically a metropolis now. (I live in "new town" haha)

That is lovely! I really do enjoy seeing the projects all you talented souls are working on. *smile*

thank you! :)

rings for my finger

I suspect this is only one Huge Hint for Anders- I can expect that this page will be left open in some very obvious and very convenient location come birthday, anniversary and Christmas months!!! :)
Good try- Love, Mom

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