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This is the last day of my week sans family. I'm ready for them to come home, and find I'm thinking about them almost constantly, which is a good sign that I'm missing them. :) They won't be home until really late, however, and I suspect the kids will be asleep, and plus, I'm going to a movie tonight with friends, so really I won't see them until tomorrow (except Anders, HE'LL get a welcome home tonight :).

Slept in but not too late. Now I have to do some cleaning, get showered and dressed. Then I'm working on my family web page. I have 2 people coming over between 2-3 to look through kid clothing discards, and I'm leaving at 6:15 for Malmö. We're going to see Under the Tuscan Sun, which I was looking forward to until I heard all the rave reviews for Love Actually, which I'm now considering trying to change my ticket to. It's probably too late though, ah well.

I feel very good about my week "off" and got a lot of stuff done, that would have taken me twice as long. I still have things on my to-do list, but that thing will never end, so it's okay. I also feel really good about the stuff I've done for MM this issue. In addition to an article and a poem of my own, I've gotten submissions in from several very talented people. This is going to be an outstanding issue.

Speaking of Mosaic Minds, anyone reading this is welcome to help out with the following: For the next issue, our theme is Nostalgia and we want to take you back into time. What smell, sight touch, sound or taste brings back the fondest childhood memory you have? Email the travel editor ( with your answers. Please include your name as you would like it to appear, email address and your website if desired.

Really good writing out there right now: I Don't Think You're Ready For This Belly by Dooce.
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Well, I'm curious about "Under the Tuscan Sun" anyway, so let me know what you think. I find it odd when people make movies out of what are essentially books about day to day experiences, with no real dramatic high points in them and cannot for the life of me see how this particular book could make a 2-hour movie. I mean, I did enjoy the book and her subsequent ones, but wonder whether they just took the basic premise (buying a farmhouse in Tuscany) and then attached a dramatic story to it. The scenery ought to be nice if nothing else. I'm trying to talk Anders into going to "Love Actually" with me, but I'm not holding my breath.

Seen it, was terrified.

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