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The two girls who came over today reduced my 9 bags of kids clothing to 2, which made me very happy. I got laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming done and the bathroom cleaned. I also scanned all the pictures, moved the old website pages to the archives and started editing photos before heading into town for the movie. Plans got switched around at the last second and it ended up being just Emily and I. Which was fine, we had fun. Under the Tuscan Moon was really good; I had absolutely no expectations and hadn't read any reviews and enjoyed it very much although some of Diane Lane's strange pauses where dialogue would have been nice were a little weird, and the times she was called upon to laugh seemed very forced. I really liked the performances of everyone in the movie and the cinematography was stunning and there were several clever and moving scenes. Thumbs up from me, despite a predictable ending (happy, that is). I bet the book is way better.

After the movie we went to a new Tapas place on Stortorget called Mosaik, and all I have to say about that is WOW. Unbelieveably good food, snazzy atmosphere, not too pricey. 2 of the tapas dishes I got were so good I ordered them again. (artichoke heart and a shrimp scampi with pesto creme). Will DEFINITELY be going back there sometime.

I got home about a quarter to 11, and 15 minutes later heard the door bang open and Karin yelled, MAMA! VI ÄR HEMMA!! :) She came running for a big bearhug, and then proceeded to talk non-stop through the unloading, undressing, bedtime routine. :) Martin was so tired he just came and sat in my lap. It's good to have my family home safe again.
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hi their my name is Amber, i just randomly stumbled upon your journal. I think its really interesting that your american and moved to europe, i aspire to be that one day. mind if i add you? you can add me as well, i swear im not boring.

No offense Amber, but I don't think we have a whole lot in common.

woah, sorry u feel that way. bye.

What kind of plot did the movie actually have? I'm so curious, since I read the book and can't imagine how they made a movie of it. I'd hate to waste the 75 SEK to see it really, if it's not going to hold my attention, although I imagine the scenery would be great, if nothing else. I love Tuscany. Is it a basic chick flick? And I'm glad you got back an apparently happy daughter, along with your son and husband.

It's pretty chick flicky, and I wouldn't give add it to my Top 10 list of all-time great movies or anything, but it was pretty well done, considering. I think, from what I've heard from people who have read the book, that the book is (as always the case) much better. The movie plot is that she goes through a horrible divorce and depression, is given a plane ticket tour to Tuscany by her best friend, while there sees and buys a villa, begins renovating it while making friends with the locals, has an affair with an Italian stufmuffin, succors her pregnant best friend whose lover has dumped her, and is instrumental in helping the marriage of her neighbor's daughter with one of her hired hands. I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

Don't think anything like that was in the book, except buying and renovating the villa while making friends with the locals. I think I've got the book down in storage, maybe I need to read it again.

I meant STUDmuffin, LOL! :)

I think I would have remembered a studmuffin, that's the kind of memory I have.

My sister and I had planned on seeing Under the Tuscan Sun while it was still in theaters here, but we could never coordinate a date. It looked beautiful from the ads; I wonder how well it'll translate to a small screen when it comes to video.

Tapas! A tapas restaurant catered the small party my sis had for my middle niece; we made the sangria. Yummmmm.

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