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Yesterday felt crazy and out of control, and really LOUD, but that was mostly because I've been alone and quiet all week. The kids seemed to be everywhere, bouncing off the walls and ceilings. :) Karin ran in and out of the house all day visiting her neighborhood buddies. Anders' parents came over. Another friend came over to go through kid's clothes. Okay, so maybe it WAS a little crazy, and not just me.

I cleaned out another closet and all of our old files with bank statements pitched that were over 7 years old. What a huge pile of paper that was! I resolve to be more ruthless in the future when deciding whether to file/save things.

Anders' parents had brought with them two new snowsuits that they had purchased for the kids (not the first time, they are so nice). As soon as I saw the one they had bought for Karin, I thought: uh oh. It was pink. Granted, it was a dusty, grayish, mellow, not very pink pink, but pink nonetheless. Even with black accents I knew Karin wouldn't go for it. I said as much to Märta, and she seemed to think it was dubious reasoning that Karin wouldn't like a brand new snowsuit just because it was pink. Okay, whatever, I thought. Karin proved me correct a bit later by trying it on, promptly stripping it off, refusing to put it on to show Farmor and saying she wouldn't wear it again. Then she decided that she wanted BOTH of the woolen hats with skeleton hands on them and pitched a minor fit when we told her she could only have one of them. BUT it wasn't anywhere near the magnitude of the fit-pitching that went on a couple of weeks ago, and I was well able to deal with it, which felt very good.

Go read this: Evolution by verian (it's public this time)

I spent a lot of time yesterday editing family photos. Then, at 10 p.m., with laundry in the dryer, the kids asleep, the dishwasher run and drying, Anders watching TV and in the middle of editing, the power suddenly went out. It was a major blown fuse and we didn't have any replacement fuses. Weirdly, it only affected the far side of the house and not even all the outlets on that side, but it meant the computer was down so I couldn't continue editing. I suggested that Anders go borrow a fuse from the neighbors who were still up (I could see the TV flickering) but he didn't feel comfortable doing that, so I ended up taking my biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine and going to read in bed.

2 Minor Things Among the Many Major Things That I Find Fascinating about Eleanor, Halfway into This Book: No one knows what she looked like physically; all the descriptions of her center on her personality or actions. Only ONE object from her life has survived intact to this day: a cut crystal, gold and pearl vase that she gave to Louis when they married.
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Is it the relatively new biography from Alison Weir? I enjoyed that so much, because the previous one was quite old (Amy Kelly, I think, "Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings"). She's one of my all-time favorites in history, one of those women you'd love to meet, along with Elizabeth I and Christine di Pisan.

Hmmm, I'll have to check that one out. No, this one is by Marion Meade, and it's fairly textbooky, but not too dry.

I'm not sure I'd like to meet Elizabeth I actually, she kind of gives me the shivers. I'd like to meet Mary Queen of Scots though. :)

Mary Queen of Scots was a total boob (note her choice in men)! I'll have to look for the Marion Meade book. Fontevrault, where Eleanor and Henry and Richard are buried, is on my list of places I must see next time I'm in France.

I should perhaps have added that the reason I'd like to meet her is so I could smack some sense into her. :P

Good idea! Mary was all hormones, Elizabeth was all thought.

Have you used that PDF thing?

I'm *very* wary of anything that asks for my password, but if others have used it without a problem...

I HAVE used it, and so far no problem. I should probably go change my password though, just to be safe. Thanks for reminding me.

:( seems like it was a scam after all. Just saw this on LJ news: Password Scam 2004-01-26

Currently we're seeing a number of abuse cases that describe accounts being broken into and used to spam communities, after the owners of those accounts entered their username and password in a form that was posted in various journals. The form claims to be a way of customizing your LiveJournal account. It's not — it's a password collection script.

Please never, ever give your password to anyone for any reason. LiveJournal will never ask you for your password via email, or for any reason other than to log into LiveJournal. You should never enter your password into a form on your friends page, or on a site that doesn't belong to LiveJournal.

If you are interested in customizing your journal, see the LiveJournal FAQ, specifically the "Customization" category. If you've entered your username and password into a form like this, please change your password immediately.

(just to add from my end, it DID work, and I DID get a PDF with all my 2003 entries in excellently collated condition and nothing happened in the several hours (nearly 8 between when I did it, and just now). :( still...sorry.

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