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Excellent article in Newsweek about the crossover of young adult and children's literature into adult mainstream reading and why*:

...Or maybe grown-ups like children's entertainment simply because it's better than their own. Since writers can't fall back on sex, romance or profanity, the storytelling has to be dramatic and clear. Critic Francis Spufford, who reread all his childhood favorites while writing his memoir, "The Child That Books Built," believes that kids' books fill a need for compelling stories currently missing in adult fiction. He blames modernism for encouraging experimentation at the expense of a sound narrative. "What's happening now is a return to the story in its strongest sense, to the primal excitement of wanting to know what happens next," he says. Furthermore, children's stories are more sophisticated and nuanced than they used to be, addressing adult themes like darkness, loss, sorrow and moral ambiguity.

And why didn't anyone tell me that His Dark Materials has been made into a stage play?! And why oh why can't I afford to hop over to London to see it!?

*thanks to sternel for posting this in the_grown_ups
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Very interesting article, thank you for posting it!

I had meant to post something about the National Theatre's His Dark Materials and I completely forgot! There are pictures here if you haven't seen them yet. It looks intriguing, but I've read that they cut out both Mary Malone and Metatron. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Oh! thanks for the link to the pictures! I hadn't seen them as I just found out about this because of that article. I had heard the rumor that the films were in progress, but hadn't read much about them since they're not scheduled to come out until next year. How in the world could they cut out Mary Malone?! Hmmm... Man, I REALLY want to go see this. I just lent my books about or I'd go home and re-read them again tonight :P

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