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Last night's meeting was an energy kick. I went into town right after work and scored two books at the lovely Hamrelius bookstore which has great old-timey bookstore atmosphere and a chimey bell when you open the glass-paned door. Tracey Chevalier's new one, The Lady and the Unicorn, was out in paperback, and since I've been reading all these lists of great novels of the 20th century, etc., that I haven't read, I picked up Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway as well. :) Then I had sushi (what else?!) and it was soooooooooo gooood.

There were several new people at the meeting, which always puts everyone on their mettle, and we had two massage therapists as guest speakers who then taught us some basic techniques which we practiced on each other. :) Did you know that massage therapy is one of the oldest professions in the world and there is documentation of it in China from over 5,000 years ago? During the meeting, while we were dicussing the logistics of hosting the regional this fall, I volunteered to help on the planning committee and Martine, who is taking on the head role in the organizing, said, "No no, I don't want you, Liz. You do too much already." At which, Sharon called out, "Liz...DENIED!" and everyone laughed their heads off. :) Heh. Guess I'm not the only one who's realizing that I have a tendency to try and do everything.

When I checked on Martin before going to bed, he was lying peacefully asleep in his bed with war paint on his cheeks and forehead. They had dressed up as Indians at Music class and made headbands from corrugated cardboard and feathers. He looked so cute!

Karin was in our bed last night at some point, and wouldn't stop wiggling until I threatened to pitch her off onto the floor. I suspect she's getting a cold, but she seemed fine this morning. Until I tried to drop her off at dagis, at which point she went ballistic, sobbing and hanging on to me and declaring she wouldn't stay and she wanted to be with me and couldn't she come to work with me? aaagh How do you explain to a sobbing 4-year-old that Mommy has to go work because that's how we earn money to buy food and clothes and pay for our house?! All day I was expecting to get a phone call from dagis saying Karin had a fever or was sick or something, but it's nearly 4 and we seem to have made it through the day. We'll see how the evening goes. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Edited to add: This whole thing with the move at work and the open landscapes just keeps getting better and better. After being told we could do whatever we wanted to put our "stamp" on the wings we will be occupying, the architects have come back and said we can't paint or change the curtains or anything substantial. Our department was first to look at the original plans and to pick places, but now suddenly everyone else has already chosen their desks and we're stuck with the crappy spots. I must start looking for a new job. This is such a COMPLETE drag. I can't even begin to describe how depressed this makes me at work. :( argh
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You can't even change the curtains?!?!?! Come ON! That's really ridiculous.

Martin sounds like he looked so cute!

get this: it's because the building was designed by some famous, hot-shot Danish architect and the building is a "work of art," and as such, we would be violating COPYRIGHT LAW to change his design. We got a lot of crap about how the integrity of the whole would be destroyed, etc. ad nauseum etc.

1. Sounds like a neat bookstore!
2. You DO do too much!
3. Indian boy sounds adorable
4. I hope Karin is not sick
5. Never trust anyone in a redesign/moving project!!

Have a great evening!

1. Words
2. To
3. Live
4. By
5. :) thanks!!

Did you know that massage therapy is one of the oldest professions in the world

I was thinking of your future career path as I read that. Of course, I was thinking of THE OTHER oldest profession in the world. Could be a lot of money in it :)

I'm glad SOMEONE thinks I have a future career path. :P

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