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List the good things about the day in bullet points!

  • My Tuesday morning massage which reprieved me from a half hour of the meeting I was stuck in today from 8:30 until 1:30

  • Planning a dinner date for next week with our friends Emily & Martin

  • Karin's coughing non-stop and running a low-grade fever, meaning we're probably staying home tomorrow (not a good thing that she's sick or that we'll probably have a bad night, but I can stay home from work with a clear conscience :)

  • A phone call from my mom, during which both kids talked to her in English and Karin asked for a Bionicle mask or pajamas

  • Martin singing me a love song half in English and half in Swedish when I kissed him goodnight and tucked him in bed

  • Receiving 2 books from ozswede, one of which I'm already done with. Thanks, Marie!! The illustration with the two single beds pushed together and the caption "and I thought he really liked me" and the one of the weegies worshipping at the alter of the pølse had me laughing my head off!

  • It snowed just enough this afternoon to coat everything with sparkles

  • A new issue of Before & After Magazine (thanks, Mom!), who also just published a book of articles from their amazing archives, which I just ordered

  • Anders making chicken with wok vegetables for dinner

  • Grape jello!!

  • Being able to help out a friend who is going through a tough time with a horrible divorce

  • 2 more poetry submissions for Mosaic Minds
  • Finding out about several books-to-movies that are upcoming (thanks chimeraesque and inblackink!)

  • Looking forward to choir tomorrow and sushi (yes, again. WHAT?!) on Friday with galestorm

  • Going to bed on time for once
mood: tired
music: my daughter coughing :(


I can't believe they got there so fast. I only posted them yesterday! I had a feeling you'd like the book. I think Gale will like that one as well. I thought the illustrations were really cute :)

I'd be interested in what you thought of Sarah Turnbull's book as well. Hope Karin is feeling better tomorrow. It's no fun for ANYONE when kids are sick.

I'm always amazed by the speed of the domestic Swedish post office services, actually. 1-2 days is the norm. :) Am I supposed to give Gale the Brown Cheese book? I'm seeing her on Friday, so I can drop it off if so. Otherwise, I'll be mailing it back when I've finished the other one (which will be a little longer, as I'm in the middle of 2 other books at the moment, but soon finished!).

I'm home with Karin today, but the night went better than we expected. We gave her cough medicine and children's tylenol and she slept through the night, thank goodness. Her coughing is pretty much continual, though, and she's still running the fever.

Gale asked about the book as well and as I don't have her contact details, could you pass it on? It won't take her long to read it I'm sure and they can be returned together later on.

*Kram, Karin*

will do, on both the book and the hug :)

I don't think I can convince Calle to come to sushi. When I mentioned it, I got a *snort* in reply. :)


That's okay. I don't think I've convinced Anders to come either, so it will be a girls night out. :)

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