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List the good things about the day in bullet points!

  • My Tuesday morning massage which reprieved me from a half hour of the meeting I was stuck in today from 8:30 until 1:30

  • Planning a dinner date for next week with our friends Emily & Martin

  • Karin's coughing non-stop and running a low-grade fever, meaning we're probably staying home tomorrow (not a good thing that she's sick or that we'll probably have a bad night, but I can stay home from work with a clear conscience :)

  • A phone call from my mom, during which both kids talked to her in English and Karin asked for a Bionicle mask or pajamas

  • Martin singing me a love song half in English and half in Swedish when I kissed him goodnight and tucked him in bed

  • Receiving 2 books from ozswede, one of which I'm already done with. Thanks, Marie!! The illustration with the two single beds pushed together and the caption "and I thought he really liked me" and the one of the weegies worshipping at the alter of the pølse had me laughing my head off!

  • It snowed just enough this afternoon to coat everything with sparkles

  • A new issue of Before & After Magazine (thanks, Mom!), who also just published a book of articles from their amazing archives, which I just ordered

  • Anders making chicken with wok vegetables for dinner

  • Grape jello!!

  • Being able to help out a friend who is going through a tough time with a horrible divorce

  • 2 more poetry submissions for Mosaic Minds
  • Finding out about several books-to-movies that are upcoming (thanks chimeraesque and inblackink!)

  • Looking forward to choir tomorrow and sushi (yes, again. WHAT?!) on Friday with gale_storm

  • Going to bed on time for once


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