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I zoomed around like a maniac bee today, buzzing here and there and everywhere. Had a great time in Malmö at the Festival Lunch. There was a huge group of us, including 5 ladies from the Copenhagen club who joined us. :) We found a table in the shade and took turns getting food. Then walked around a bit, and ended up at a café for coffee and fika a bit later. Fun! I bought my brother's Christmas present, so feeling very smug.

After lunch, I went to the craft stores, and visited the rubber stamp place that gale_storm had directed me too. Oh! Pretty papers!! Wished I had gone there first!! I spent WAY too much money, but the motivation monster has full control at this point. :) Get paid next Monday, good thing :) After I picked up the kids, I worked on page 3, but am not quite finished with it. Talked to my mom for an hour (her bill, thank goodness), which was nice.

One of the bedtime stories tonight was chapter 2 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's the one illustrated by Barry Moser, whom I love. The kids are awfully quiet while I read it, and I wonder how much they're not getting, since the language is pretty far above their level, really. I was a bit surprised when Martin picked it up tonight, as I hadn't been sure how chapter 1 went over 2 nights ago. They both told me they were the mouse that had fallen in the pool of tears.

Martin is having a bit of a struggle during his adjustment period from daycare to preschool. He starts the actually preschool class tomorrow. Some of the bigger kids have been with him and the others during the last week of vacation before school starts, and he's suddenly the youngest again, after being one of the big kids.

The other day, he and Staffan, a boy from the neighborhood, started building a racetrack/city/construction from leftover pieces of wood which Anders had discarded from the porch foundation. Since the blocks were smaller than they wanted, they tried to tape them together with packing tape. Tape doesn't work so well outside with dirty things and when the wind is blowing dirt around (which we have a lot of, having no grass yet). Martin got really upset that it wasn't turning out how he wanted it, and after Staffan left to go eat lunch, Martin flattened the whole thing in a Godzilla temper tantrum. He cooled off a bit after a long while but was still upset, and at lunch he managed to finally tell me that he was worried about what Staffan was going to say when he came back and saw what Martin had done. :( poor bean! 5 years old and already discovering stress and worries about what the neighbors will think.


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