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Anders stayed home with Karin this morning as she still had a low-grade fever even though the coughing seems to be done. It was snowing when Martin and I left, and it snowed nearly all morning and into lunchtime. Big white fluffy flakes, good for snowball packing. It stopped a couple of hours ago and as if by magic, the skies cleared to bright blue and the sun came out. Sun shining on snow ought to make for happiness, but I'm at work where the frowny face has taken over and settled like a mask. :(

Thank goodness jes6ica posted that hilarious How To Beat IKEA game instruction link or else I wouldn't have found anything humorous today.

So, because I'm incapable of being the slightest bit entertaining, go read this instead: Like Daughter, Like Mother from Leigh Anne's One Good Thing Blog.

and when you get done with that: tell me something cheerful or funny. I need more laughs today.

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