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Anders stayed home with Karin this morning as she still had a low-grade fever even though the coughing seems to be done. It was snowing when Martin and I left, and it snowed nearly all morning and into lunchtime. Big white fluffy flakes, good for snowball packing. It stopped a couple of hours ago and as if by magic, the skies cleared to bright blue and the sun came out. Sun shining on snow ought to make for happiness, but I'm at work where the frowny face has taken over and settled like a mask. :(

Thank goodness jes6ica posted that hilarious How To Beat IKEA game instruction link or else I wouldn't have found anything humorous today.

So, because I'm incapable of being the slightest bit entertaining, go read this instead: Like Daughter, Like Mother from Leigh Anne's One Good Thing Blog.

and when you get done with that: tell me something cheerful or funny. I need more laughs today.
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Just imagine yourself video game-slaughtering left and right with an Allen wrench. That brings a smile to anyone's face. :)

I loved reading the furniture names in the English article. It was surreal somehow.


a really big, heavy, metal allen wrench. hmmm.... I guess I'll have to coin a new phrase to go with that. Instead of "going postal," I'll be going ikea. grrrrowl!

That's a great blog; thanks for the link!

Here's something a little bit funny: last night, I couldn't get the jar of decoupage glue open (it being glue, it glued itself shut), so I asked Calle if he could open it. Taking the jar, he asked what it was, and I replied, 'Decoupage,' but he gave me a strange look and said, 'Dick polish?', to which I had nothing else to say than, 'No, that's lipstick.'


ahaha! which brings all sorts of new light to the reason why you have so much extra makeup. That's hilarious!! Tell Calle I think he's a riot. And so are you. :P thanks


Whenever I'm blue I remember that great Steve Martin poem (from the movie L.A. Story):

Oh Pointy Birds!
Oh Pointy Pointy!
Anoint my Head,
Anointy Nointy!

Here's hoping this brought you a smile,


that made me laugh out loud, not just smile. (and I'm still at work, heh). thanks! Steve Martin is a hoot. :)

Today I felt so Swedish. I did pause gympa at work. Just picture a bunch of librarians swaying in the corridor to "We've only just begun" (and a bad version of it at that).

That should be humorous enough. (It was actually fun)


I've never heard of pause gympa. It does sound fun, and a good idea, if a little dorky :P

Great blog link! I really enjoy your links. I wish I could post sensible links but I think Aussies are genetically wired for silliness and it sort of takes over!

Okay, not mind bogglingly hilarious, but you could look at Kind of Crap or perhaps one of my favourite blogs The dullest blog in the world


genetically wired for silliness?! *forcibly restrains self*
YOU said it first! :P

thanks for the links. I'm pretty sure you've posted that dullblog somewhere before, but it is truly hilarious. I always like evidence of people with too much time on their hands. :)

Funny? Bright and cheery? You be the judge ;-)


argh! I can't get the video to run on this slow modem at home. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it at work. :) Thanks for answering!

First, thank you for the link to One Good Thing. That was great!

Second, I'm on my third day home with a sick kid, so you and Anders have my sympathy. Here's a poem that made me smile this morning. May it do the same for you. It is from Garrison Keillor's new novel, Love Me.

Let us not to the marriage of people who know what they want
Admit impediments. Love doesn't vary
Like you might change your hairstyle from pixie to bouffant
Or throw away your swimsuit in January.
Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken.
It laughs at death and gooses statues in the park
And loves a cheeseburger with extra bacon.
Love's not time's fool though rosy lips and cheeks
Get all wrinkly and veiny and saggy and gnarly.
Love alters not with its brief hours and weeks
So don't give up on it, Charley.
If this be a big mistake and we wind up hissing and snarling
There is nobody I'd rather be wrong with than you, my darling.


Thank you for the lovely poem. :) Karin hasn't been that sick, and I hope that your kid is on the mend and not seriously ill. One Good Thing is nearly always good for a loud laugh. :) Thanks for cheering me up.

I can see my presence here is not needed. That ought to get you out of this funk, seeing how many lovely people are willing to make you smile :). But I can't not contribute to that worthy cause.

Not to long ago I told one of the canoeing stories from way back in the day. That would make a good title-Canoeing Stories. Anywho, I can't remember what brought it up or even who I was talking to but I told the story of when it rained so much and so hard that we left the campsite and were trying to find a hotel in the middle of nowhere, Michigan and Julie said: "I feel like little baby what's-his-name." That was classic!


Whaddaya mean, your presence isn't needed!? NOT TRUE. ahahahah! I forgot about that line from Julie. I have to post about that today. Thanks!!

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