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The snow appears to be blowing in all directions at once. It's light out with that sort of diffused whiteness everywhere like it's all just reflection or smoke and mirrors. If you went outside, the snow would snicker with glee and swoop inside your coat sleeves and under your collar and between the buttons of your coat, in effect telling you "We win! we win!" You'd have to pound it hard and repeatedly with a shovel to make it calm down and get the hell out of your way. If you went outside, it would harry you, blowing in your face no matter which way you turned. It would team up with the wind to pull your hat off. It wants you inside where it can keep an eye on you.

Today is starting out nice and slow and that's just fine with me. Anders fell asleep on the couch late last night and was up before me, leading me to believe he never came to bed. This happens often and is a bit aggravating. Not the part where he's up before me, but the part where he doesn't come to bed before I'm asleep. He's a TV addict, it must be said. Well, it's only fair, since I'm a computer addict. We're co-dependent with our screens.

The amount of spam we receive has increased alarmingly. It's not just the virus, it's everything. Most of them are either full of gibberish or everything is misspelled or just random words. Yesterday I got a spam mail titled "Improve Your Hair" but sadly it was just another advertisement for Viagra and other "sexual health stimulators." I fail to see the connection, and I'm a bit bummed as my hair could always stand some improving. I really need to get the new email addresses up and working...add that to my to-do list, will ya Doris?

I think I hear a bagel with cream cheese calling me from the kitchen...


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