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That's just adorable!

If we ever have kids, I want snow to be part of their childhood... I'll feel deprived until the day I die because of that...


do you mean YOU never had snow? or there isn't snow where you are? Oh wait, you're in Florida, aren't you? Well, you can always go on vacation to the snowy north or skiing or whatever...or come visit us in Sweden! :)





Not just any part of Florida, I should mention since the north is quite nice and actually has seasons, but the disgusting, never-changing, fetid, humid wasteland in dangling off the southern end like a scab ready to be picked off.

Sorry for that Spider Jerusalem-like outburst of vitriol, but I just really hate it here. *grin*

As soon as I get my name changed, I'm getting a passport. I've yet to visit thesidhe, and it's one of the few places she's lived that I've never come to see her at...


LOL! I've only been to FLorida a couple of times, and I have to admit, other than the resorts (Sanibel and Disney) my main memories involve large cockroaches. *shudder* Have you thought about moving?!! hahaha! I'm sure you have.


Ah yes, the state bird, the palmetto bug. A truly terrifying insect - a large, flying cockroach. It's a pity we haven't trained them to eat the tourists! ;)

The Boy and I have a goal, though. We'd like to move to Ashville, NC (or somewhere thereabouts) by 2010. If we get into his mom's house this year, we'll have almost 6 years in by then and should be able to turn a nice little profit.

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