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Thanks to this excellent Time Waster: Ultimate Flash Face, I didn't get much done of note last night.

Work is crazy busy, and I've got choir tonight, Social Circle tomorrow, and dinner guests on Friday... yow. Guess the family website updates won't be finished this week either.

I detect a lightening in the sky, which makes me happy as this morning's drive through yet another dark drizzly grey grey grey rainy WET landscape was just a drag. The little river that bisects Flyinge has completely overflown its banks and there is standing water everywhere. My fingers and toes are wrinkled in sympathy.

I was realizing last night that before I moved to Sweden, and only just in the past few years, have I gotten to know several Australians and become friends with a few of them. I never gave much thought to Australia before and never met an Australian that I can remember before the friends I've met in the AWC and here on LJ. One of my best friends and her husband moved to Sydney 3 years ago, amid much lamentation on the parts of their friends and family ("It's so far away!"), and I've wanted to go ever since. It just sounds like such a wonderful place, and produces such interesting and fun people. And no, I'm not sucking up to ozswede and courtesy. I mean it. The 23-hour flight isn't so appealing, but I suspect it would be more than worth it. Hopefully, someday I'll get my wish to go down under.
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Hehehe, you don't need the long flight, just take a train or drive up north and visit ozswede, get her to make you Vegemite on toast and listen to tallefjant speak English with an oz accent!


Vegemite?! *shudder* ick!

Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

Food of the Gods!

I can even make you a Vegemite Milkshake. The other thing you have to learn is a Tim-Tam Explosion if you really want to learn to be Australian :)

Speaking completely impartially, it's a great place to visit and I hopr you get to go there and see what sort of country would breed such legends as courtesy and ozswede.

Re: Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

Yum! those Tim-Tam thingies look sinfully delicious!

Re: Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

Well, they are wonderful! L-G ate packets of them when friends brought them over. It's my number one request when people come to visit.

But you can go in for a competition each month to win a pile of Tim-Tams to be sent to you. I used my hotmail address in case they sold on info (you can never be sure with these things) but I haven't had any backlash. I enter every month. And guess what? My friend Megan Lynch in Göteborg won last month. I've hinted about a Tim-Tam brist in this part of Sweden.

Anyway, if you want to enter, check out Great Aussie Food. If you win, you have to share with me :)

Re: Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

what the heck are Violet Crumbles? (I kept reading it as "Violet Grumbles" LOL

Re: Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

Slow day at work, Liz? :)

My son used to say Violent Crumbles!

It's a honeycomb covered with chocolate. The wrapper is violet and it crumbles when you eat it, thus the name. And we finished the last of my stash of them a couple of weeks ago, so you have to wait to try a sample :)

You can see a review here

Re: Nothing wrong with Vegemite!

slow day at work? I can't think what you mean. :P hee hee

We went to Australia last year (well, Dec. 2002) for the total eclipse, and I so totally fell in love with Australia. And there was this particular beach not terribly far from Port MacQuarie that was warm enough that even Lennart went wading (that is truly a feat!) Wonderful.

I know it's not from a native or expert point of view, but if anyone's interested, they can check out our trip:



What a great travel journal!! I loved that :) I want to go, darn it!!

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