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Mini-Revelation I Had Yesterday: Part of the reason everything seems so dark is because it's all WET. Wet things, like hair, or stones, are always darker, but I never really thought about it until yesterday. Right now EVERYTHING in Skåne is wet, and that contributes to the general murkiness of the world.

I'm reading Cloven Hooves by Megan Lindholm, who also writes as Robin Hobb, and while I've found her Lindholm books can be hit or miss, this one has me fascinated. However, I keep wanting to shake the main character and tell her to snap out of it. This has happened to me before, and recently. I get so exasperated when characters in books behave in ways I consider deliberately stupid. As if my mental harangue will make a difference in the outcome of the book. :)

I'm VERY happy with my work this month for Mosaic Minds. Taking over as Poetry Editor was definitely a right step. I've received some wonderful submissions, and have both a poem and a story of my own in the upcoming issue.

One thing I'm not so happy about is the stress level caused each morning by trying to get the kids out of the door on time. I have to figure out a better way of dealing with it, especially since Martin admonished me this morning to "stop stressing him out." I replied that if he would put his boots on right when I asked him to, instead of playing around for another 10 minutes before beginning the process of hauling on the first boot, I wouldn't have to. They seem to move in slo-mo during the mornings and it's all I can do to refrain from yelling with impatience sometimes.

Social Circle is tonight, after work, in Malmö at Katrina's house. It's mix of people signed up. I suspect galestorm will be none too happy about the pregnancy/baby talk as one of the girls is pregnant with twin boys. Hopefully, the rest of the childfree attendees will counteract it with other conversation. I know I will. :) Upon looking at the activities pages, I was frustrated to see that once again, the same 10 people are signed up for everything. *rolls eyes* I forgot my recipe book (my project for the evening) and have to run back home for it before heading into town to pick up Gale. My project for the last year of social circles has been transcribing and pasting recipes into my clip book, because it's something I can work on while talking. Now that I have all these yummy recipes from my LJ friends, I need to get them put in my recipe book so I can find them when I want them.

Super-Cool-Raise-the-Trendy-Fun-Factor-Geek-Love-Project I'm Working On at Work: designing a shiny, patterned, fun snap-on shell cover set for a Z600 mobile phone. Eeeee!! I can't wait to see it in real life!

What I Find Most Interesting is The Difference in the Editor and Reader Choices: The Year 2003 in Pictures
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Ooooh...I liked looking at all those pictures! I think the readers choose too many animals though. I mean, come on people. Haven't we all seen enough cute kitten pictures already?


I agree! It seemed like the reader choices were all about cuddly animals and parent/child scenarios and the editor picks were all war/political.


Just goes to show you, people already have enough reality in their lives most of the time and don't want to look at more. I'm kind of like that. I NEVER go to depressing movies, I don't care how wonderfully meaningful and artistic it is. In my work life, I deal on a daily basis with child molestation, murder, drug dealers and all the rest of the slime of the earth, so when I go to a movie, I want fluff and/or laughter. I want happy endings, because a great many times, real life isn't about a happy ending. I think it's the same way with photos for a lot of people. Yeah, we know the shocking stuff is out there, so give me something that will make me smile instead.


either that, or they're in denial about reality. :) although I also think that it's nice to see things that AREN'T just about the hatred/evil/insanity in the world.

Buy a pot of daffodils. I did yesterday and they're sitting on the windowsill, filling the place with sunshine in a pot. Makes up for the warmer weather and rain we had, which made all the pretty white snow go away, 20 cm in about 24 hours just vanished.


I know, our snow just vanished, too! :( I will definitely get some daffys this weekend, thanks for the idea!

The problem with the readers' choices is not the overwhelmingly sickening sentimentality of the choices, but the fact that so many of them aren't timely. Some were quite cool, yes, but for a photo to be a great photo of the year, it should be identifiable as happening in a particular year. That's where the editors' picks really differ.


very good point.


I think that's a GREAT point! The cute kitten poking its head out of a field of grass could have been taken this year, last year, 20 years says nothing about 2003.

Thanks for sharing that. Would you mind if I point my friends to it too? (if I ever get a chance to get back onto LJ today that is)

The difference is interesting. I quite like the contrast. Yes, the people's choice are more uplifting, but the editor's choices although gritty and a bit in-your-face realistic are also memorable, brilliant visual images. :) I love the mix and difference of both. :)


Of course I wouldn't mind, silly! :)

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