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I love black olive tapenade and garlic in everything, but man oh man, do they apparently not love me. It's unrequited. Or else they're pissed about something I did years ago and are letting me know in no uncertain terms that they haven't forgotten, even if I have, oh NO.

My stupid Mousetrapper is misbehaving at work, and won't let me take the mouse pointer all the way over to the right hand side. WTF?! It's me against the inanimate again, and as usual, they're WINNING! :( argh. Martin's zipper started it this morning and now my mouse is trying to deliver a killing blow, but I'll beat them yet, I will!

*stomps foot, tosses head, hitches belt*

In other news, dooce had a baby! :) Her first name is the same as my favorite grand-aunt who passed away a couple of years ago at the grand old age of 92. I'm glad to know there is a new Leta in the world.

Damn, the mouse has won this round. :( argh argh I give up.
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