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I double dog dare you! How well do you know lizardek?

*bleats like a sheep, baa baa baa! :) *
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Now those were great questions! *laugh*

Man, I can't believe I only got 70%.

Oh come ON, you KNOW *snort* is the right answer!


muahahahahaha!! :D

Hmmm...I got 55%, and I don't think that's too shabby!

I'm lucky I squeaked by at 55%. That's not bad considering I haven't seen you in how long? I would have done better had a read your other entry before being sucked in the quiz.

90%. But then you knew I was a legend!

hee! you rule, Marie! :)


That's me! Chairman of the bordeaux :)

I got 30%... but I have only been with you in LJ less than a month! Great questions!

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