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There's just something about a successful dinner party that makes you feel all warm and socially competent. :) I left work early yesterday, picked up a package at the post office (Ducati calendar for Anders!), picked up garlic spread and marinated olives from our local kebab/pizza joint, picked up the kids, and then got home with an hour to clean up before our guests arrived. Since the house was in decent condition, that worked out perfectly. We had 2 couples over, people we really like. Barbara and Paul have a 20-month old and a 4-week old, both girls, and both well-behaved, darling kids. The baby, every time I've seen her, has been amazingly good, hardly a peep out of her. When a stranger like me holds her, she focuses immediately, tracks you with those dark blue new-baby-color eyes, smiles and stays contently in your arms. This doesn't, however, give me any internal feelings of wanting to have another one, quite the contrary. Watching Barbara and Paul leave their dinners, motor around the house keeping an eye on Kathryn, and do the jump-up-sit-down-repeat dance that is attendant on having 2 small kids made me very glad those days are over in our house.

Emily and Martin don't have kids yet, but they claim they are preparing to prepare to have them. *grin* I'm not sure if any parental urges were squashed last night or not since they were subjected to a great deal of Martin's computer game obsession and Karin's Gladiator-style rambunctiousness and passion for all things Bionicle.

On top of the garlicky goodness that was the appetizer table, Anders made a wonderful chicken dish involving mushrooms, onions, red & yellow peppers and potatoes. For dessert we had individual pumpkin pie tarts with whipped cream, which Emily was in raptures over. :)

Excellent conversation at the dinner table and afterwards included a long discussion about swearing in English and Swedish, and the cultural differences between the two, and Swedish and American attitudes toward nudity and sexuality*. Everyone left at a comfortably late hour and we decided to leave the dishes until this morning. When I got up, after Anders left to play hockey, he'd already run one load in the dishwasher, halving my job :) Laundry is in and the kids are occupied. My goal for the day is to get the family website FINISHED.

For once, we have NO social plans for the entire weekend. That's weird and unusual, but we're planning to make the most of it and get some quality relax-time in. Anders got the ADSL modem and info in the mail yesterday so we're finally going to have a speedy connection! His goal for the day is to get that hooked up!

Putting my lizardek quiz together was so hilarious and reminded me of junior high school slambooks. Anyone remember those?! And I know that everyone who took it thinks the answer to the pun question should really have been ozswede! muahahahhaa!

I just had a totally spazzy OMG moment because, while going through my daily reading list of blogs, I saw that one of the writers I admire greatly has ME on his "blogs I read" list! Thank you for the honor, Chuck :)

One Good Thing does it again: Happy Blogiversary, Leigh Anne!

*Lots of fodder for future journal entries! :D
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See, not only did I know *snort*, but I knew ozswede too, despite what you may say about others. I demand a recount of scores.

Foccacia you!

I plead innocence. It is entirely her own doing. She had a close encounter of the garlic kind (she even admitted that in a previous post) and it had gone to her head and caused her to invade other's journals and disturb the peas. Me? I prefer to live and let chai!

Re: Foccacia you!

You're putting me in a real pickle now, because I'm going to have to refute your comment and rule you just as guilty as me! Disturbing the peas, indeed! I never did no such thing! Besides, there are wurst things I could do.

One, I love to be the old school girl bringing up the past for you. Did you tell your friends that are "preparing" to have children how adamant you were once upon a day about NEVER having them? It's just amazing how many times I get to say "I told you so".

Second, it's incredible how you people (those with children) do all the stuff you do. It exhausts me just to read your flipping journal. I want to know what I can do in this life to get me all that energy in the next.

Third, can you tell me again what a blog is?

LOL! Yes, they are all (mostly) very well aware that I didn't want kids (and still have my moments...) before. You don't need to say I told you so to me, I say it enough to myself. It's on the permanent famous last words list :) Energy, schmenergy hahaha

a blog is short for weblog and as far as I can tell, it's more a place for essays, stories, editorials, instead of the day-to-day stuff and "random thoughts" that make up a journal/online diary. However, I think the line between them is VERY blurry. Most people use the 2 terms interchangeably.

Urban Dictionary gives this hilarious definition: A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

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