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Flyinge is, quite possibly, the best little Swedish village in Skåne. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have a take-out sushi joint, that is. It was on the outer edge of the circle we drew around Malmö and Lund when we were househunting in 1997 and has so many amenities that when we decided that first house was getting a bit small, I amazed my husband by insisting that we find or build a new house in Flyinge instead of considering any of the other certain-to-be drab, podunk villages in the area or moving in to Malmö or Lund.

Things Flyinge has that other villages are envious of:
  • an ostrich farm
  • a stork project
  • a snail trail (okay, they're slugs, but slug trail doesn't sound nearly as alluring)
  • the famous (formerly royal) stables where you can go and pet baby horses any time you like
  • a fishing hole
  • Pegasus as a mascot
  • 1001 pheasants
  • a plant nursery with a pretty exhibition garden and ginkgo trees for sale
  • the best semla in Sweden (for 1 more week)
  • frequent double rainbows
Speaking of storks, there is nothing that makes you realize you live in Europe faster than seeing storks. They roost in giant nests on chimneys over at the stable. They look like something out of Hans Christian Andersen, until you suddenly realize that they ARE something out of Hans Christian Andersen. They're the stuff of fairy tales, and European children's fiction. They stalk behind tractors during planting and harvesting season, those long pointed red beaks stabbing for insects. They look like a dragon kite when they fly unexpectedly overhead, a Chinese calligraphy of red, black and white on impossibly wide wings.

More things Flyinge has that make living here easy: a country store slash post office, a bank, a hair salon, the district veterinarian, an excellent daycare and school up to grade 6, a sporthall, a gas station, a pizza/burger/kebab joint, a car mechanic, a junkyard (conveniently located far enough outside of town not to be an eyesore), a village community house, a bakery, active Scouts and Sports organizations, a soccer field, a library, the district nurse's office...If we didn't have to work, we'd never have to leave.

Right now, during a grey cloudy afternoon, while the sky is deciding whether or not to continue raining or call it a day, I find myself thinking of the 2 fields in Flyinge that become covered with the bright yellow tangible cheerfulness of dandelions in the early spring. Every year I plan to take the kids and photograph them sitting in that happy glare, and every year I wait just a little too long and they're blown to seed before I get out there. A few years ago, someone planted tulips along all the public roads. In the spring, they welcome you to Flyinge with their nodding red heads and show you the way to the center of town and past it. Last week was the halfway point of winter according to one calendar I've seen. Spring can't come soon enough.
mood: happy
music: Karin singing a parody version of Sankta Lucia in a gravelly voice


Sounds lovely there and you may inspire me to do an homage to Örebro as well.


Oh do! that would be cool :)

It sounds like you're living a dream!
I really enjoyed reading this... ♥

thanks :) I don't know if it's a dream some days, but most of the time it's pretty great. It's certainly a different dream than living in Chicago was, that's for sure. Especially when I hear, in the summer through the screendoor, the horses that live behind us whiffle and snort. :)

You have horses behind I'm really jealous!

I lived in a small German town for a month named Goslar, near the Hartz Mountains...very mideval history. I walked in from a very urban background, but it didn't take long to get acclimated to a very rural lifestyle. I loved taking walks past the wheat fields, old cemetaries, and farms...when I read this entry, It brought me back there through my memories. ♥


What were you doing in Germany? We lived in Landstuhl (near Ramstein AFB) from 1979 to 1982. I loved living in Germany, but think Sweden is easier as an adult. Yes, we have a farm behind us...they have 2 horses, 2 ponies, SIX dogs, numerous cats and uncountable half-wild fowl, mostly chickens and ducks and in the summer, much to our dismay, they AND WE have FLIES and tons of them. Having the horses helps make up for it a little bit. :)


I was there through a high school exchange program. A girl came from Goslar and stayed with my family for a month, and then in exchange I stayed with her family for a month. Their house was over 500 years old, with cobblestone roads...(which made for really uncomfortable bike rides)! It turned out to be a really great crash course in German small town culture. I'll never forget to waking up my first morning to sheep grazing outside my bedroom window. I was pretty young, and being as it was such a new experience... it was all very surreal & lovely.

...I've always dreamt of living on a farm, but had never considered issues like flies! Eeek. ♥

I feel quite deprived as we have no storks so far north!

It sounds really beautiful in Flyinge. Perfect for us to drop in and freeload off visit you guys.


You'd be welcome any time, my dear mooch friend!


I'm seeing this strikeover phenomenon lately and it really makes me chuckle. Your description of your place is great. I'll be waiting for that field of yellow photo!


It makes me laugh every time, too. :) As for the field, this year I'm REALLY going to make an effort, I swear! :)

Wow, it sounds so beautiful! What a great place to live. And a fantastic place to bring up children, I envy you :)


Funny, isn't it? I'd LOVE to be in Sydney or Chicago :) as much as I love Flyinge :)


That's the problem - if I was over there, I'd miss Sydney, and Vienna, and Paris.... so much to experience :)


There's ALWAYS something to miss :S

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