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Despite a powdered sugar dusting of snow along all the edges this morning, we had winter sunshine today, high and stabbing and potent. Plastic stretched sky, so shiny and bright it looks unreal. Blue like a robin's egg, like a periwinkle, like the water against the pale blue painted sides of a swimming pool. Nearly no clouds and a few jet trails like jewelry across heaven's throat. Later, an unseen artist adds dabs of black to the mix, gradually darkening the hue from blue through black, a cobalt that breathes with tiny twinkly pulsating stars. They look like pinholes through to the real sky. There is a wheel of stars above our house. If you stand still and look at the stars, your breath wreathes your head in cold-smoked wonder and you stagger and grab to avoid falling up.

Kissed Anders goodbye this morning and then worried about his flight all the way to work because it was so windy, but he called me this evening and said everything went smoothly. Today was errand day, a run-run-run mix of kid dentist appointment, grocery shopping, dinner (there are MOOSE in the Happy Meals!) and library to return books.

Happy package dance occurred when I took the mail out of the mailbox, as I got 2 books from my mom along with the Page Design book I ordered from Before & After!

Book Recommendation: The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. Wow. Gulped in nearly one sitting. Fictionalized history of how the famous tapestries from the 15th century came into being. Which prior descriptive sentence doesn't even begin to say how engaging this book is.

The Ek Family website has a new home, just moved into this week, and everything is already unloaded and unpacked and pictures have been hung on the walls! You're invited to a housewarming party over at!
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All right, VERY nice site with lots of photos and info, I love it. Once I get my Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Dummies book, maybe I can use the software I own and figure out how to do something similar.

:) thank you! You don't need Dreamweaver to do it, I use Notepad and my browser (and got a little rollover and popup help from some friends).

Nice site! I always enjoy looking around there!

thank you :)

The homepage looks fantastic - your house is just beautiful!

As is this: "and you stagger and grab to avoid falling up."

I *know* that feeling.

thanks :D I LOVE that feeling!

Congratulations on the new home! It looks good, too. :) I've said it before, but I love your (real) house, too.


thank you :) We love it too!

moose, moose everywhere

OK we already know what I'm going to say...
Moose in the happy meal is very cool
But your moose collection is excellent- what a wonderful way to have fun and show off your collection! You have given me ideas!
The children are adorable! But I'm sure the moose are less trouble!
Very pretty house!

Re: moose, moose everywhere

:) They're the figures from Brother Bear, the Disney film that just opened over here. I'm going to try and take the kids this weekend. :) That's really only a small part of the collection, but it's the easiest part to take a picture of. And yes, the moose are MUCH less trouble!! hahaha! thanks :D

Re: moose, moose everywhere

Brother Bear is not a greta movie- the moose are the best part! We own 2 sets of the Brother Bear figurines. 1 set for us- 1 set for DD- we could not stand it if she played with our set so we bought a second set (on sale).

Oh my goodness! I just spent an hour at your website! Well done and charming!


an hour!! yow :) tack så mycket! (that's Swedish for "thank you very much!")

Great Website. Your house is beautiful. I noticed there are plenty of bookcases. what kind of digital camera do you have? That might be my next purchase. But I just got this fabulous new monitor for the computer so I could see all your pictures in wonderful color and clarity. John is so grown up! I have this picture of him from the last time we went camping/canoeing. His girlfriend is cute. Ok, stupid american question, what's Lucia?


We have bookcases in every room except the bathroom :) hee! We're currently using John's clunky old Kodak digital, but Anders is itching to buy one of the new tiny million megapixel ones...we'll have to wait a bit though. John is still a little kid to me, too. Can you believe he turns 35 this year!? Lucia is a Swedish Christmas holiday: it commemmorates an Italian saint that was martyred at the stake (don't ask, just go with it). Little girls dress up as Lucia with candles in their hair (gruesome, eh?) and walk in processions or bring breakfast in bed to their parents. You can google for more info :)

What a beautiful home you made! I love how colorful it is. Your moose bathroom is so unique!


hee! thank you. My husband isn't so thrilled about the moose collection, but he's become resigned over the years. He still won't let me hang the moose warning sign on the bathroom door though! *grin*

Your family website is so fantastic!! Seriously, I'm really impressed. Gorgeous pictures and a really nice way to see what life for you is like over there. Your place looks great too. Thanks for sharing :)


thank you :) :) I put a lot of work into it, so that is very nice to hear!

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