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Darn the weather, anyway! A gorgeous blue-skied sunshine morning turns into a sleeting, snowing, grey afternoon. Who let the dogs out?

I stayed up way too late last night, just playing around online and on LJ, and then called my mother at 12:14 a.m. who said in a horrified voice when she picked up the phone, "What are you still doing up?!!" :P Dealing with the ownfault-tiredness is going okay, although I'm not looking forward to being unable to veg on my own sofa while the kids swirl around me like dust devils. Instead, I'm picking them up after work and we're heading down to Oxie, home of pancake dinners, or, if we're lucky, fläskpannkakor*. Pancakes are NOT dinner, dammit. Especially not when served with raspberry jam. Omelettes and fried potatoes can be dinner, or bacon and eggs, or bagels with salmon and cream cheese, but I'm sorry, NOT pancakes. Unless you wrap them around creamed mushrooms or chicken or shrimp and call them crepes.

I'm suffering from post-project let-down with the completion of my webpage update. Good thing I have the AWC newsletter/web deadline looming to get me jazzed again. :P I'm trying to figure out something to do for Valentine's Day, but so far all I can come up with is dinner and a movie. So predictable. Although, since we rarely go out to eat together and even more rarely to movies, it's sounding like a good idea, actually. Especially since Cajun Night on Friday is probably getting moved to next weekend. Maybe Love, Actually and a meal at the yummy tapas place on Stortorget? Hmmm....must remember to ask the in-laws if they could babysit. Maybe I can talk them into babysitting ALL NIGHT. >:) aarrrooooooooooooooo!

*It translates as "pork pancakes" although it's really an oven-baked egg casserole with bits of bacon, served with lingonberry jam.
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I'm not clear why pancakes are not dinner. Of course, this is coming from someone who will eat Goldfish for dinner. Isn't Valentine's Day an overrated holiday? Do we really need an excuse like that to go to dinner and a movie and have the in-laws stay all night? Jo will be working so we will be celebrating tomorrow, I wish we had a tapas restaurant here, but we do have some fabulous fine dining.


Because they're NOT! NOT DINNER!! They're breakfast. Or a snack. NOT DINNER. And you know what?! Tomorrow's post will be about how PSYCHIC I am because guess what we had for DINNER?!

/end pancake rant

And YES, we need a legitimate excuse to ask the inlaws to babysite, ESPECIALLY if it's for overnight, and Valentine's Day will do just fine this month. :) And they're aren't staying HERE, silly...the idea is to have the house to ourselves!!

My friend in Greece thoroughly recommends that film. I thought there were tons of gorgeous men to oggle at - so maybe Anders would be bored. Sue thought it was great but very much a chick-flick.

I love your mum's reaction. Once a mum, always a mum. Eller hur?

I don't want to rub it in, but it's cold, crisp and perfectly clear here. It's also -10C and falling but we won't talk about that bit!


Sssh....I can't tell Anders it's a chick flick. And if he finds out Emma Thompson is in it, I'm gonna be out of luck :P

Blackmail time!

Okay, what's it worth to you for me to keep quiet? *evil grin*

Re: Blackmail time!

violet crumbles? tim-tams? um, vegemite?!

Re: Blackmail time!

As if you even know where to get them from! Actually, I can help you there. Try this guy He comes to Malmö on the first Sunday of the month according to this article.

Okay, I'll have: Cadbury Mini-Eggs, Turkish Delight, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Flake, Wagon Wheels, Crumpets, Lemon Curd, Rowntrees Jellies (all 3 flavours), Pearl Barley, Branston Pickles and of course some

Re: Blackmail time!

I know where to get them from! I knew about that guy ages ago. He keeps bugging the club to give him a place to park. Spotted DICK! you can't be serious. No, really. You can't.


I've always wondered exactly what Turkish Delight is. People are always eating it in British children's literature.

Re: Blackmail time!

Turkish Delight Recipe

But we prefer the decadent, non-authentic Australian version - chocolate coated of course! Read and drool!

Re: Blackmail time!

It sounds kind of like those candied fruit slices I remember as a kid, only not in the shape of fruit. :)

When my dad passed away...he had 8! unopened jars of lingonberry jam. Personally I can't stand the stuff. Too sour for me. Do they have Swedish potato sausage in Sweden? That was my favorite thing on the Christmas smorgasbord when I was growing up. My parents made it from the bottom up. That part was pretty gross ;-)


EIGHT jars?! wow. It's really too sour for me. The only time I can eat it is with the fläskpannkakor. A lot of people eat it with meat here, where it's tartness is cut by the salt :)

I'm not sure I know what the Swedish potato sausage you're referring to is, do you know the Swedish name for it? It might be one of the older traditional dishes from up north. It's bad enough when they serve blood sausage and blood pudding in the restaurants! ICK


Swedish Potato Sausage = Potatis Korv


Hmmm...that's a pretty literal translation. I don't think I've ever had it, I'll have to keep my eyes open for a chance. :)

I've only had Turkish Delight in Turkey. That recipe makes it sound REALLY hard, at least to my culinary skill level. It sounds as hard as fruit cake. I don't particularly LIKE fruit cake, but Turkish Delight's...It's more congealed than jello but less than gum drops. It does have powdered sugar on the outside, not granulated sugar. The taste is sweet, slightly fruity and slightly flowery. Let me know if you make it. I think I'd have to roll back the clock to having smaller children to make that much sweet stuff at once. But, what the heck? Maybe next Christmas? Hmmmm.

The pancakes thing reminds me of a family joke from when I was growing up. We would have waffles for dinner, with a meat sauce, I think, but actually I don't remember that part. All I remember is that one of my friends was over and upon spying what we were having said, "Waffles? For DINNER?" and whenever anybody in our family wanted to eat something weird, someone would pipe up, Waffles? For DINNER?

Maybe you hadda be there.


fruitcake! ew

We sold fruitcake with my choir when I was in high school, but I never actually could bring myself to eat any of it. Turkish Delight sounds like those candied fruit slices we used to get sometimes as children. I'll probably never make this recipe, I'm not that motivated :D

Your family joke was hilarious. *lol*

Not candied fruit

It's not candied fruit because by the time you bite into it, there's no actual fruit there. It's more like a marshmallow consistency to a jello cube. It's really fun trying to describe it, though.

Watch out if you're going to have the house to yourselves, there might be another Karin!:)


over my dead body :P




Anders is a dark horse.

*logs off quickly*

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