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Darn the weather, anyway! A gorgeous blue-skied sunshine morning turns into a sleeting, snowing, grey afternoon. Who let the dogs out?

I stayed up way too late last night, just playing around online and on LJ, and then called my mother at 12:14 a.m. who said in a horrified voice when she picked up the phone, "What are you still doing up?!!" :P Dealing with the ownfault-tiredness is going okay, although I'm not looking forward to being unable to veg on my own sofa while the kids swirl around me like dust devils. Instead, I'm picking them up after work and we're heading down to Oxie, home of pancake dinners, or, if we're lucky, fläskpannkakor*. Pancakes are NOT dinner, dammit. Especially not when served with raspberry jam. Omelettes and fried potatoes can be dinner, or bacon and eggs, or bagels with salmon and cream cheese, but I'm sorry, NOT pancakes. Unless you wrap them around creamed mushrooms or chicken or shrimp and call them crepes.

I'm suffering from post-project let-down with the completion of my webpage update. Good thing I have the AWC newsletter/web deadline looming to get me jazzed again. :P I'm trying to figure out something to do for Valentine's Day, but so far all I can come up with is dinner and a movie. So predictable. Although, since we rarely go out to eat together and even more rarely to movies, it's sounding like a good idea, actually. Especially since Cajun Night on Friday is probably getting moved to next weekend. Maybe Love, Actually and a meal at the yummy tapas place on Stortorget? Hmmm....must remember to ask the in-laws if they could babysit. Maybe I can talk them into babysitting ALL NIGHT. >:) aarrrooooooooooooooo!

*It translates as "pork pancakes" although it's really an oven-baked egg casserole with bits of bacon, served with lingonberry jam.

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