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When the kids were still very little, Anders and I learned early on that we were lucky...we had a natural division without having to fight over it or worry about. Anything that came out of baby from the waist down was mine to deal with and anything that came out from the waist up was his. This is good in theory, but sometimes in practice it doesn't work out. Anders, for example, changed as many diapers as I did. Last night, due to the fact that Anders is in Italy, it REALLY didn't work out, and I learned more about the splatter radius of vomit on tile floors than I ever wanted to know. :( Rest assured, I'll spare you the details. Karin was up all night being sick, and consequently, so was I. Martin slept like a log through the whole thing. We're all home today.


I don't know if you realized this, but I'm PSYCHIC. Yes, that's right: we had pancakes for dinner last night.


Yesterday, driving home from work, a hawk rose and swooped alongside just as I drove up past it. For a second I thought it would swerve towards the car, and then I thought it was going to fly AT the car, but at the last moment it sheered up and away. I continued driving, thinking, "I nearly clocked a hawk." Then I said it 5 times fast in the hopes that I had created a new tongue-twister, but alas, no.


Lyckan är som solen gul, som en maskros lyser den igenom vår gardin, glassen smakar apelsin...Är lika gul som vårans båt, gul är kärleken, gul som sommaren. Lyckan är en gul kantarell, gömd under gula löv. På min palett finns bara gul.

Happiness is like the golden sun, like a dandelion shining through our curtain, ice cream tastes like oranges. It's gold like our boat, gold like love, gold like the summer. Happiness is a yellow chantarelle, hidden beneath golden leaves. My palette holds only gold.

That's the sun today: low and bright, golden winter sun, sharp relief of shadows cut against the blue of an unmarked sky.


You sat there and said "clocked a hawk" five times, didn't you?! :D


mood: drained
music: me singing Lyckan är Gul


Every time I see your kids I think how very cute they both are. *smile*

Sorry Karin was up all night and hope she is feeling better today. Hope you get to rest a bit too, it sucks to be tired.


She's certainly a lot cuter when she's NOT barfing, I'll tell you that! >_<

Oh you poor thing! Not nice. Though I had a son with chronic bleeding noses who had to be whipped off to the ER in the middle of the night several times as they wouldn't stop.

One memorable evening, he had a really bad cold - snotty nose etc AND got a blood nose. I heard him go to the bathroom so I went to see if he was okay and just as I came in the door, he turned and SNEEZED at me!

Well, it looked like a combination of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre combined with The Exorcist. I wonder if you realise just how much gunk can fit up two tiny nostrils. Not nice!


aagh! that was way too much information!! LOL eek


See. I made you laugh out loud. That has to be a plus. Hope your day is going well and that Karin (and mum!) are feeling brighter.

Ooooh, I had that problem myself as a kid. It was misery. I remember once, out of the many times of having my nose cauterized, that the cauterization made me sneeze, which started the bleeding again, which again had to be cauterized. That was a night that wasn't fun.

I still get nosebleeds fairly easily. Bleah.

cauterized?! with a red-hot poker or something? GOD! that sounds way way worse than having a nosebleed. I hope they anesthetize the hell out of people beforehand. eek

Nope, they have a long electric needle thingy they use to zap the blood vessels in the nose. No pain killer. I don't recall that it hurt really. More like the kind of shock you get from dragging your feet across the carpet and getting zapped by the metal doorknob. It was uncomfortable certainly. But not painful that I remember. Weird what kinds of things we remember.

One of my favorite books from last year, Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, has this mantra that I just love: He took a duck in the face at 250 knots.

The main character repeats that whenever she is faced with a perilous situation.

The above/below the waist division seems intriguing. I'm not sure which half I'd take if we did the same.


trust me, take the bottom half.

Sorry Karin is not well, but I love that bit about the golden palette. I'll hold that in my mind today!


It's even prettier when it's sung :) She's running a fever now, lucky me :S

You nearly cleaned a hawk's clock? :)


I tried it that way, too. Thanks for playing, though! :D

O'boy did I got confused first,
because another LJ friend has this icon.


the sad findus?


Yeah, that one.


I nearly clocked a hawk ... I nearly clocked a hawk ... I nearly clocked a hawk ... I nearly clocked a hawk ... I nearly clocked a hawk ... owww! ... I burned my tongue taking my first sip of coffee this morning and saying "I nearly clocked a hawk" hurts the tip of my tongue! Heh!

Re: Owww!

*giggle* sorry! :D

Reason #452

Why not to have children. Children throw up way too much. And I know and totally empathize and am amazed at you dealing with that situation. Does a fire alarm in the middle of the night on the 30th floor in Toronto ring any bells? Me going into some sleaze ball, dirty magazine joint in search of gum, with my sweat pants on? Us going to CANADA on SPRING break...what does that say about us? Even my nephew was intuitive enough to go by his mother when he needed to yack on our boat trip from hell to Catalina Island over Christmas. You definitely would not have enjoyed it.

Re: Reason #452

yeah, that's SO true. Reason #4 actually. They DO throw up way too much, but at least we're getting them trained to do it in the toilet, which makes things SO much simpler. Karin actually threw up in the toilet for all the times after the first one. Of course, the first one was the absolute worst, so I was a little peeved, but what can you do, she's only 4.5!! And yes, I remember Toronto...oh that was awful feeling so sick in that situation!! Boats SUCK. I sympathize with your nephew.

I will look for the Swedish for swedish potato sausage...
I also want you to know that although I cant spell it...I can say tocksameat whatever...LOL! I know how to say thanks in grandma taught me when I was little.


*lol* that's a good way to remember how to say thanks in Swedish, although I think I'd spell it "tocksameeket" :) It's spelled tack så mycket. :D

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