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Giant to-do list tonight which involves mostly housework, kids and website updating. So, here's (finally) a scan of page 3. It's facing page 2 which is why it's in the same color scheme. I was feeling guilty today because I'm spending so much on collage supplies but when I got home my tax return check was waiting in the mailbox! Guilt-free again! hahaha!! Although it's mostly going to go to pay for paving stones for the driveway and paths, it ought to be able to cover a couple of leeeeeeedle purchases with my craft buddy. ahem.

I've been staying up way too late lately and expect the crash to come some time tomorrow. Last night we watched Mosquito, which is one of the only shows that gets me off the computer and away from the project table. For those of you who don't know it, it's a collection of animated clips and short movies and is usually wonderful, amusing and hilarious by turns. I used to go to the Animated Film Festivals in Chicago all the time, and really miss them.

Anyone else seen The Big Snit?


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