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Karin thinks that if she insists hard enough that she's still sick, she'll get to stay home from dagis EVERY DAY in order to play on the computer. Anders made the HUGE mistake of showing the kids the Bionicle homepage when he got the ADSL hooked up last week and letting them play one of the games online. Now, that's all Karin wants to do. Imagine her disappointment yesterday when I finally caved and the game wasn't online anymore. Because now you have to go buy the CD-ROM. :S

Around 4 p.m. yesterday, I felt as if I was sinking in quicksand, so I scooped Karin up, left Martin to his own devices, and we took a nap, that ended up being VERY difficult to get up from. Like swimming against a current. With a bag of bricks tied to my eyelids. Karin was even harder to awaken, and no surprise, her long nap made it much harder for her to go to sleep on time last night. She was running a fever again which is why we are home today. I managed to get my butt in gear this morning to get Martin to school, however. Good mom!

Hee Hee Hee: Mmmmmmmmmmm! Pie

I'm in the middle of Jonathan Carroll's The Wooden Sea. Neil Gaiman's review blurb on the book says, "He's got the magic." What would YOU do if you were suddenly confronted with your 17-year-old self and told that you had done everything in your life wrong?

Actually, I think if my 17-year-old self heard I was married to a Swede, and living in Sweden, she'd say "Cool." Although, she would probably be completely floored by the 2 kids part. I don't think my life has taken many wrong turns. A few dead-ends, yes, and once I got lost on a highway clover, and every now and then I still get the urge to get in the car and drive over the Öresund bridge to Copenhagen and just keep on going, but I've squashed it so far. I think it's the same urge that you occasionally consider when standing on the edge of the subway tracks or a cliff, one that would end with the same messiness but not the sudden impact.

On that note, I think I'll throw Karin in the car now that she's eaten lunch and go drive around shopping.
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mmmm, pie *adding lemons and whipping cream to shopping list*

Yep, I still have days that, if I could _drive_ to Idaho, I'd do it! The gas might be a bit expensive.

*laugh* yeah, just a bit :)


Not to mention problems with engine flooding and wet points.

Sounds like a very typical day!
Naps do me in so I can't sleep at night! But I love kids who take them!


*lol* actually, it wasn't a typical day. It was a result of the 2 of us being up all night during the vomit-a-thon the other night. :) Today went MUCH better even though we were home again (due to her fever late yesterday) I LOVES NAPS! I just wish I didn't have to get up from them sometimes. :)

I forgot to say-cool to the fact that Karin likes Bionicle. I have this feeling she and I would get along, smashingly. I think I will send you a homemade cd and her one of my Bionicle guys. It might take a little while, but I will get it done.

As for the car off the bridge, I haven't actually that about things like that since I was 17. But I have wanted to sleep all day on more than one occasion. I think it's because it's winter, I've always maintained that hybernating wasn't just for bears and squirrels.


She LOVES Bionicle (so does Martin but to a lesser degree). Any Bionicle stuff you could get your hands on would be SO appreciated. She's already asked my mom for a mask and/or pajamas and she wants the movie and the CD-ROM game (give me strength) :)

And you KNOW I would love a mix!

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