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I'm not very church-minded as anyone who knows me will attest to, so why is it that 2 of the weblogs I religious in a sort of reality-check way? I don't even like TALKING about religion (or politics), not even with good, close friends. It makes me uncomfortable and gives me the heebie-jeebies. It's not that it's not interesting, or that I don't know enough about it, it's just not my thing. Maybe it comes from growing up with a mother who had books lying around about reincarnation and astrology and the strange gigantic earth drawings on the Nazca plains.

One of the choirs I was in during high school was an inter-denominational church choir, on the military base and full of goody-two-shoe military brats just like me. I loved it and for 3 years was thoroughly into the whole bible youth group thing. It was good for me, and I'd argue that it's good for most people, actually, if taken in the right dose. (although I wouldn't argue actually, see first paragraph)

I'm sure my mom would say I'm searching for something, or finding something in these online diaries that I can't get elsewhere, and that may very well be true. Maybe it's because I like my evangelism from a distance. There is nothing I find more offensive than an in-your-face fundamentalist telling me I have to get saved or I'm going TO HELL, WOMAN!

Anyway, for those of you interested, and I promise you they're worth a look: Real Live Preacher and Going Jesus (anyone who thought up and sells WTFWJD? shirts is okay with me)
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