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Someone flipped a switch: we went from grey skies, fog and grunginess to blue skies, sunshine and gorgeousness in a matter of minutes. Anders is taking the kids to the bird tower to take pictures, and I'm going to finish the AWC website while the house is quiet. The only bad thing about sunshine in the house: DUST! It's everywhere! aaagh!
mood: happy
music: Dido—White Flag


Check out our blue sky today : here


no way. you photoshopped that one. say you photoshopped that one.

or at least say that's the sky we'll have tomorrow!


You wish!

Nope, that's actually unadulterated. I had to wear sunnies or I'd get a massive headache from the sunshine. Really there is nothing as lovely as blue skies, sun and snow. Though I see we're due for cloudy weather tomorrow :(

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