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I feel emotionally bruised this week. Not to mention stressed, rushed, busy, tired, aggravated, ad infinito nauseum.


Email conversation with my husband today:

Liz: (after he sent me a silly web video link) hee! :) How's your day going? I was going to call you...but you're always so busy at work, I'm afraid to. XOXOXO anyway.
Anders: You're afraid to do what? Interrupt me when i'm looking up stupid videos on the net? We had a really well organized All-Employee-meeting today with three different stations describing what is going on in the company. I won an umbrella!
Liz: cool! you rock! umbrellas are the best :) does it say moo* on it?
Anders: FUCK! I just looked and it's a red umbrella with silver inside and it says "I'm a process KING!" on it.
Liz: that's okay. I'll still love you in all your geeky glory! :D
Anders: I'm just offended because king is below god.

*He works for Tetra Pak. They make machines for the dairy industry.

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