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(edited to remove references to the boring HTML stuff my friend and I were talking about at the same time)

liz: Hej there! got a question for you (hopefully a very easy one this time).
liz: helllooooooooooooooooo?
rg: yes?
liz: :) are you awake?
rg: sorta
liz: I don't think you're awake enough.
rg: lol ok, but only if you acknowledge the fact that i have a tivo, and i'm the coolest person on my block.
liz: tivo. if we get a dog, that's what I'm naming it.
liz: did you know tivo spelled backwards is ovit?
rg: ovit. is that a meaningful word?
liz: If it is it has something to do with eggs.
rg: "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search box to the right. Suggestions for ovit: ovate, aviate, Ovid, OIT, obit, ovi-, opiate, uveitis, omit, evict, aviates, Oviedo, aviator"
liz: yeah, I went to that SAME website. You're not THAT cool.
liz: but no, sadly, it's not. Perhaps I should come up with a definition for it.
rg: yeah, maybe so. i think i'd probably define it like this...
liz: "when eggs die and are memorialized in the newspaper" ?
rg: ovit - having to do with the backwardness of being extremely cool for owning something.
rg: lol -- funny, aren't you
liz: me so funny!
liz: are you ready for my question yet?!
rg: but i still win the coolness award this week for owning a tivo. you haven't acknowledged my coolness yet
liz: *bows, intones the "we're not worthy" chant, can't stop self from ROLLING EYES*
rg: there, that's (sorta) more like it. ok, your question, oh unworthy little one?
liz: tivo, schmivo. you trendy gadget whore!
rg: lol
liz: maybe I'll name my dog schmivo. What do you think?
liz: Schmivo! Come Schmivo! Here, boy! Hmmm... I like it.
rg: has a ring to it (answers HTML question I asked him way back at the beginning)
liz: cool! then you can go back to programming your little darling to save all the episodes of WWF and Little House on the Prairie for you to watch later. :P
rg: yes, i have "season passes" already setup for those shows. that's what we in the ring-o-cool refer to them as. season passes.
liz: ring-o-cool *snorts with laughter* hee hee
liz: I know! we could get a tivo here and then I could watch all the episodes of Lilla Aktuellt, Gissa Bajset and Så Ska Det Låta!
rg: Gissa Bajset. that sounds like it has something to do with guessing what's in a dirty diaper.
liz: You're close: animal poop
rg: they have a show for that over there? freaks
liz: It's a KIDS SHOW!! LOL
liz: *secretly agrees with you*
liz: thanks and have a tivo day!
rg: lol
rg: getting lots of new virii lately. even before the scanner is updated to recognize it.
liz: they're funny at least. I got one today from Charmaine Slaughter. Was hoping it was a long-lost relative. Alas, no: penis enlargement... sigh
rg: i get things like: hello! qocvjaselrj!
liz: really? I love mine! hang on, I'll go get some for you. :)
liz: embrittle hotel, latus lofty, longleg pfizer dyadic unfortunate, cornstarch cassius ordinance, calfskin hundredth doodle bridgetown flourish
rg: are those subject lines?
liz: yes. and, my favorite: Elvis has left the building
rg: wow, you get cool virii
rg: you must have a virus fan club
liz: yeah, they love me out in spamland
liz: cuz I live in the spam ring-o-cool
rg: ring-o-cool-spam
liz: coolo-spammering
liz: that would be a good name for a dog


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