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Mosaic Minds is looking for submissions! Our 2nd issue is coming out very soon on March 1st...but the deadline is also fast approaching for the April issue, which has the theme of Winging It. May's theme is Heroes and Role Models.

Please consider writing a feature article, a poem or a story or contributing artwork or photography. Look back through your older stuff, maybe you have something that just needs a bit of polishing that will work for one of the upcoming themes! We also highlight blogs and links of the week so if you know of something that might be of interest, please let me know.

Deadline for April's issue is the 15th of March.

Many people have asked how they can spread the word about Mosaic Minds and now we have a solution that goes beyond mentioning us in your blog, web forums and newsgroups (and those things are always appreciated). Please feel free to print copies of our new PDF-format publicity posters (COLOR or BLACK&WHITE) and hang them around your town (just make sure you have permission from the place you hang them, of course). Suggested locations include: universities, libraries, grocery stores, book stores, the local gym, your apartment building, or any place else that allows public posters to be displayed!

Thanks for your help in spreading the word!
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