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This morning, the sun struck the fields as if it was on a game show pulling back the curtain to reveal first prize. The sun as Vanna White. I used to LOVE watching The Price is Right when I was a kid. I thought it was fascinating that people always had eggbeaters and red pencils in their purses just in case. Anyway, first prize this morning in Flyinge was the jewel-encrusted, diamond-coated, mica-covered, glittering, sun-struck WORLD. Spring is lurking, a shy child hiding behind Mother Winter's skirts, peeking out to smile at us.

A whole week of sunshine and blue skies in the middle of a Swedish February: what an unexpected treat. I feel as if I was given a gift that I couldn't use, because of having to work. I wanted to play hookey so bad this week, like Anders did, taking off early to fetch the kids and go play in town. Because it was moving week at work though, there was just too much to do.

IKEA warning: Never, ever buy Reslig frames if you're expecting to just slip a picture in between the glass and back and hang it up. The posters I designed for the new offices came out great and we went to IKEA to buy frames for about 40 of them. Unfortunately, upon arriving back at the office to start the framing process, we discovered that one must:
  • unscrew 3 of the 4 corner screws
  • remove 2 sides of the metal frame
  • remove the placeholder paper
  • peel off plastic protective wrap ON BOTH SIDES of the plexiglass
  • put the whole thing back together
  • screw in the 3 screws again
Packaging geniuses! Who came up with this shit?! After 40 frames, my fingers are chafed and sore, but at least the posters look bee-yoo-ti-ful.

We went over to the new office to drop a couple of things off, and there is NO furniture in 2 of the 3 wings still. They have 2 days left to completely place about 100 desks, 200 bookcases, and various other furniture. I suspect I'll have no work station when I arrive on Monday morning.

If not, I'm playing hookey.
mood: working
music: Sophie B. Hawkins—As I Lay Me Down


Good luck with the transition! I hope it all goes well but I think you should definitely play hookey next week, at least for one day.

Take care,

If you HAD no work station, there's be no way you COULD work, right? Hookey would be the way to go.

Sorry to hear about your fingers and the IKEA frames. :(

Yeah, I have a couple of those frames. The poster in one of them has slipped out of place and I've been too lazy to take the whole thing apart (the wire, all the screws, the back drop...) to fix it. Even though the two posters not matching is driving me crazy!

I think IKEA makes every effort to give their customers an unforgetable assembly experience. Gotta love those heiroglyphic instructions.

That was a beautiful description of these wonderful sunny days!


They ARE very heiroglyphical, aren't they?! Thank you :)

Show us the new posters! Show us the new posters! Show us the new posters! Show us the new posters! :)


LOL! I'll have to do it next week after we move and get all set up again. :)


Okay, I guess that's a fair excuse ;)

I played hookey today! Haha! I had to in order to get this stupid tax exemption thing off my head. And I sent my income taxes in and I picked up my pictures I had framed by someone other than me, glad I didn't get frames from IKEA. And I got enlargements done for my Dad of Kiera and I got our Epass battery changed. It was very productive hookey playing. So don't even try to make me feel guilty.


guilty? who, me?! :P

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