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"She's been beheaded twice, her arm has been amputated and vandals keep pouring paint over her. Despite all this, the Little Mermaid has made it to her 90th birthday." Happy Birthday Little Mermaid! I remember being so fascinated with her years ago as a teenager, when we lived in Europe and took the train from Germany to Copenhagen and then across the water to Norway.

On a whim, we went into town this evening after work so that Anders could visit Malmö Festival, even though it was the last day, which in our experience is not the best day to go. However, we got there around 6 p.m. and it wasn't bad at all, crowd-wise. We had the kids with us and found food first. Martin ate half my delicious salmon fillet so we had to buy another one to share. :) They rode the few extremely expensive rides that were available and then we did the long hike all the way up to Triangeln and back to the train station, where we had parked. Maybe I haven't been to many festivals lately, but we stopped twice at the Baja Maja's (Port-a-Potties) and I have never been so impressed with a portable toilet in my entire life. They had FLUSHABLE TOILETS and they were CLEAN. Really clean. Probably because everyone was so busy pissing on the streets and trees and bushes.

Bedtime! aaaaaahh... :)
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oooh!!! can't wait!! hurrah! If it gets here Monday I can maybe take it with me to the meeting if I have time to go home first! :)

Figures that your kid would love salmon. :)

haha! He loves herring, too, so he didn't get it ALL from me! :) I didn't tell the whole story. We thought they'd be best off with hotdogs as most festival food is a little "exotic" for the kids. So we stopped at a little kiosk. Karin had a hamburger. Martin wanted a fransk dog but when it came, he completely turned up his nose, because the hotdog was the kind with a tougher skin and was cooked thoroughly, meaning it was (gasp) brown and grilled looking. So he mooched off my plate a bit later to the point where we had to go buy another one because we were both still hungry! sigh :)

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