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We're jammed in like sardines. Making things feel more unfair is the fact that one of our R&D sections across the building has a nice airy feel to it with lots of space between work stations and a little fika lounging area complete with a sofa. Our section is crammed in, with half of people's workstations and bookcases taking up space in the aisles. I have almost nothing good to say about anything today, at least when it comes to work and open landscaping. The only thing that has made me moderately pleased is that my workspace is arranged to my satisfaction and I don't have my back to traffic.

I want to play music SO bad. :( This is going to drive me to buy an ipod or at least a little mp3 player with earphones. If I have to listen to the never-ceasing hum of other people's conversation without let for the rest of my Ericsson career, I'll go insane.

It's all every bit as bad as I was hoping it wouldn't be. Perhaps I'll become immune and droid-like, beyond caring. Perhaps I'll go postal. Or, since I don't work at the post office, perhaps I'll go telecommunicatal.

However, this made me smile: Animals on the Underground

My idiot brain: Someone near me is eating an orange. The smell is overpowering, in a good way. It smells SO good. I say, "Mmmm, det luktar orange," to my colleague over the bookcases. pause She says, "Menar du, det luktar apelsin? Jag tror inte att färger luktar någonting." Manic laughter from me ensues as I realize my mistake.*

*Translation: I said, "Mmmm, it smells like orange." She replied, "Do you mean it smells like oranges? I don't think colors smell like anything." In Swedish, the word for the color orange is orange (pronounced or-anj) but the word for the FRUIT is apelsin.
mood: discontent
music: none. :( how sad.


I bought a cd walkman thing that plays MP3 discs and it’s been marvellous, and very cheap compared with Ipods and the like. I carry about 50 CD’s on 4, which is all I need.


Is it different than a regular CD walkman? I have one, but I never thought to check and see if it could play MP3s. If so, you might have given me the answer.

Hehehehe!!! That's so funny about the orange! I mean, if someone came up to me and said "Your breakfast smells like green", I would be very amused.


I laughed like a fool over it! :D

Synesthaesia isn't just for breakfast anymore!


*lol* nope!


BTW, got you some clear glass stones. Now all I have to do is find magnets at Clas Ohlson.


I heart you!


You just heart me for my stamps. :)


well, that too, but mostly I heart you for the fact that you know what synesthaesia is.

I feel for you, I know how you've been dreading this move. No way to make it cosier and more spacious?


no, sadly. Others have it even worse than me. At least I have a wall at my back. And to make things even worse, it's freezing in here. :( argh

Sorry to hear that it really DID suck after all. I was hoping that it might not be as bad once you got there.

As you said there were worse places you could be in the office. Not much consolation, but it IS something. And yes, get the mp3 player. Time for affirmative action I think.


I'm definitely taking action. Anders said I should be able to use the earphones from the CD walkman we have, if they'll reach, so I'm going to take them with me tomorrow and see.

I don't think you should work in a landscape. Shall I talk to your boss?


He'll just tell you it's either that or a still life.

I was so hoping it would not suck at work this morning. mp3 player is a great idea. I laughed so hard when I read the orange story, it sounds like a typical statement in our house. *laugh*


I laughed really hard too :D And then I realized I can't laugh that loud anymore. :( argh


Hey Liz,
I am sorry your day is not going well. Not having your back to traffic is good, at least. I also vote for getting the mp3 player. I have one and love it. I hope things get better for you at work.

Take care,


thank you :) I appreciate the comment!!

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