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For those who want to see some of what's behind my house:

black pony
The brown & white pony moved behind the black one. There were actually 3 horses out there, but the light was bad and I wasn't patient enough because it was too cold :)

fields of red
The view to the right of the farm behind us with the sun going down red red red on the fields.
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Beautiful!!! Such wide open space...I am jealous.


Wait- where's the ducks that look like geese and the pheasants??? that adds much to the back view! LM (Lizardmom)

It was too dark the other day to get a good picture of them...they tend to stay huddled in the far corner. :)

I love the LM title!

What a beautiful view. There is something so serene and restful about a rural view.

That's the view from your yard? Wow- its beautiful- and so spacious.

It's looking out the back, straight (with ponies) and off to the right (northwest) (fields). The farmhouse is to the left of the ponies and then there is a small woods to the left of that.

What an amazing view, and from your own house too! I'm half expecting to see a Poortvliet gnome running across the second picture; it has that certain "flavor."

A beautiful house with a beautiful backyard view!

That's so beautiful!! You are so lucky :)

wow...thats a great view!! thanks for posting it :)

What wonderful things to have behind your house. Where I live, the things behind the houses are other houses. I need a field. Or the sea. Or a small, hot geyser. That'd be pretty cool.

It's all wonderful except the flies. Shoo fly, don't bother me. Do you have any idea how many flies a farm generates?! eek

That's breathtaking...

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lizardek's obiter photos
lizardek's obiter photos

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