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The woman next to me raises and lowers her adjustable desk 42 times per day.

Not Exaggerating:
Every time she does, my desk and the floor shake.

My fingers are frozen fast to my keyboard, mkaingy it bvery dissgult to typde

Not Exaggerating:
It's damn bloody cold in this building.

Karin's screaming last night when I tried to exchange her clothes for pajamas pierced every eardrum in a 20-yard radius and resulted in tinnitus for the entire family.

Not Exaggerating (well okay, maybe a little):
One day I may haul off and smack her a good one.


Not Exaggerating:
It's a BLIZZARD! shit.
mood: cold
music: none. :( I forgot the headphones, dammit.


A blizzard of shit! My god woman what’s going on over there!

It's headed your way. DUCK!

hehe...sorry...i just have to laugh at your expense. if it makes you feel better its a blizzard up here too :( cant winter be OVER already?!

:) If I don't laugh, I'll cry! That last week of beautiful weather really had us fooled, didn't it?! Swedish weather reverts to form.

From zero to 3.5 cm in about 30 seconds it seems up here, but we braved it anyway and bought booooooookkkkkksssss!

what did you get?! tell tell!

Absolutely pelting snow horizontally here. What incredible wind there is today. Poor L-G is out in it as well, showing Randall a boat. I bet he comes home frozen. No eggsageration! (yeah, I know it was a puny attempt)

I snow what you mean! We've got the horizontal thing going here, too. (and get your mind out of the gutter, Marie :D)

I am unsure as to the purpose of this journal entry - are you trying to say that it's cold and snowy there? :)

If you're looking for purposes in journal entries, my friend, you have come to the wrong place. And yes, it's cold and snowy here. :)


I like it, I like it alot. :)

*passes you some lovely gloves*

Why does the lady's desk disturb your's? Are they linked or something? If not, could you pull your's away a bit? Might help a bit. :) (Although I'm sure you've done as much to sort that out as you could. Sorry if I sound patrinising, I didn't mean to!)

And just cuz it's cold and snowy *BIG HUGE HUG*

*almost forgot, gives you a pair of ear plugs for the Karin situation*

Re: *giggles*

I think my desk shakes because the floor is shaking. :( argh. I've made sure that none of the furniture bits are touching, but it still vibrates. *rolls eyes*

and thank you for the big huge hugs and the ear plugs (hey! that rhymed!) :D

It's February, of course it's a Blizzard. There is natural optimism at work in people who live up north, they always think that winter is over way before it is. It won't be over until May or June, unless you live in Sunny Florida and it's already over! Do you hate me now?

Pbbbbbbbb!!!!! It all melted except here in Flyinge where's hanging around like a bad habit.

LOL on the annoying co-workers- been there- experienced that
Blizzard- done those too!


if it's any consolation, you've just added another sunny spot to *MY* day, lol.

I've meant to say, but have been uncharacteristically resistant to time-wasting at LJ lately (shucks!) that I really wish that the new office thing had worked out better. I would suggest that you make sure you have things around to help you relax and focus on the positives in life, like photos of your loving family, but I fear that on some of the wilder days, your darling Karin's smiling face might put you over the edge instead of help you de-stress! :)

LOL! I have her and Martin's pictures on my office desktop, and it's her smiling summer face, which helps melt the most resistant and aggravated mommy heart. :)

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