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Last night, while I was at my AWC meeting, Anders triumphed over the Karin-refusing-to-remove-her-clothes-and-put-on-pajamas-thing. He said he's tried ripping them off her when she goes into refusal mode and it just makes it worse and she completely locks down. So, when she started last night, he managed to distract her by turning it into a game. For every piece of clothing she removed, she had to run laps around the house (we have a built-in circle through the little hallway and around into the great room). Sweatshirt: 2 laps. T-shirt: 2 laps. Pants: 2 laps. Laughing and howling like a maniac the entire way. Then Anders managed to get her underpants and socks off in one swoop and she agreed to run 2 laps for those until Martin, ever the perfectionist, and over Anders' protests, yelled, "Karin, Karin! That was THREE pieces! You have to run SIX laps!" which they both did, giggling all the way.

Why am I not able to come up with that kind of thing more often? I've done it sometimes, but lately with her, I feel like I'm working from a NEGATIVE reserve of patience, not even starting out even. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

Can't Decide Whether Darryl or Rusty Was Meant to Be Mine: Monster Factory (thanks for the link, Kate! :)

Scored a couple of paperbacks off my to-buy list last night at the real book sales, including Jasper Fforde's latest, The Well of Lost Plots. Then, at the meeting, we had a "Media Sale," and for 10 kronor each, I got an Alice Walker, a Nick Hornby (whom I've never read), Behind the Scenes at the Museum, a Supertramp CD, and The Big Easy on VHS. Someone beat me to Atwood's Alias, Grace though. The selection was awfully varied, but there were a few too many of the Grisham oeuvre and his ilk for my taste.

One Good Thing Says It All & Gives You Chills at the Same Time: Open Letter to George W. Bush

Even though I'm not in a bad mood today and am happy with the way the meeting went last evening, I have so many sad things taking up space in my brain that I feel like I have a headache of heartache. One friend is undergoing eye surgery today that may or may not leave her blind, one is still in the mindbending limbo that is a bitter divorce and custody battle, one is recovering from a year of hell including a 13-year-old daughter doing "dangerous and alarming" things, having a near-death scare with her father, and being fired from her job by phone after taking leave to go home to be with her father in the hospital. One just lost her mother. One is losing her relationship and facing a scary future of unknowns. Others are facing their own losses and troubles. My heart hurts for the hard times people must go through. Although I'm not what I consider a religious person, the best bit of advice I ever read was a take on a line from the Bible, and not one of the ones that most people think of when they think of the Bible and all it stands for. Throughout the Bible, one is constantly encountering the phrase "It came to pass." That's what gets me through the hearthurt comes to pass. It doesn't come to stay.
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And as I mentioned the other day, also Biblical, "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."

Thanks for the link to the open letter.

Powerful. I just hope it moves someone who can make a difference. This amendment goes against most of what I believe. If things keep going in this way, I may change citizenship.

What ever happened to the 'pursuit of happiness'?

I can't believe it will go through. Thankfully, it's not all that easy to make changes to the Constitution, and hopefully, there are enough people who agree with us that this is 1) unconstitutional and 2) discriminatory that it will get killed. I can't even believe it's gotten as far as it has, frankly. Has everyone in American lost their minds?!

I hope SO much that it doesn't go through. It just breaks my heart to think I'm living in a country with a bunch of people who are so narrow-minded. I DO think it's completely discriminatory.


Are all of the books you want on your amazon book list? I'm a wild and avid yard saler and often find really good books there. When Natasha was in Europe in 2002, I found a cool way to get her books. There's a Global Sack that you can fill for, I think, $9. I could get about seven or ten paperbacks in that sack. If I can get the books for 50 cents apiece, it's pretty cheap to send the package. So send me your definitive list and I'll see what I can come up with. I like pawing through the books anyway.

I just read your user info, so I should remember how old Karin is. Is this Terrible Two-itis? They do love to defy us, and sometimes on the most ridiculous issues. Sometimes kids don't want to get undressed because they're having trouble seeing where THEY end and the rest of the world begins. So taking off their clothes feels like maybe they're taking off their skin. Little kids can go through that with their feces, for example. Here's this STUFF that was part of them and now isn't. Doesn't it somehow BELONG to them? Shouldn't they try to somehow put it back?

You might try some sort of game where you identify Karin. This toe, is THIS Karin? This nose? Etc. And then start on the clothes (not while trying to take them off, at first.) And is this shoe Karin? NO! This is just a shoe! This LEG is Karin. Etc.

I had to smile at Anders' solution, which is good, but which fits right in with my notion that for some reason, men end up jazzing up their kids just before bedtime and moms want SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to calm them down. JF always found ways to roughhouse and get into running and squealing at bedtime, too. HE claimed it got rid of the excess energy and helped them sleep. Hmmmm...

Re: books

You are so sweet about the books! No, that amazon wish list hasn't been gotten to anywhere near completion. I have a 5-page fine print size list, that I'm more than happy to send you. My mom will be thrilled too, I bet, as she's probably tired of looking for books for me. I would DEFINITELY pay you back, if you can keep track of what you spend for me.

Karin is 4.75 going on 16 at this point. She's been our "issue" child since the day she was born and has seamlessly segued from terrible twos to terrible fours without a break. She mostly doesn't want to get undressed because that would mean she's admitting it's bedtime. And she's also been in a powerful contrary mode lately where her main purpose in life seems to be to say no, and go against anything and everything we ask and require her to do. *rolls eyes* :S

I'll send you my book list tonight whereupon you can gasp and gracefully bow out of trying to satisfy my book lust. :P

Also, did you ever get the edits for your Mosaic Minds stories? I know Abigail sent them to you some time ago, and just wondered.

Big kudos to Anders over the Karin saga. High five for that one - very ingenious. I really wish you luck with her. It's immensely rewarding to parent a questioning live wire like her, but yes, it's exhausting as well. I can't tell you how many times a day I asked the question "Why me?" or "Why does it always have to be MY kid?"

I admit to being sick to the stomach after I saw Bush announce his stance on same-sex marriage. Is he still in the dark ages or what? A very sad day indeed.

*HUGS* I know how hard it is to see sadness around you. You just want to be able to fix it all. I sometimes feel like apologising for not having these problems. It's a hard one.

Sounds to me like a grandstand play to draw in major conservatives and take attention away from the fact that an average of 2 American boys are still dying in Iraq every day AND the economy sucks AND they are now talking about decreasing Social Security benefits. God, I hope this makes enough people mad enough to not only work against him in the campaign but actually get out and VOTE for a change. We have an incredibly poor turn-out rate in the U.S., even for presidential elections.

We registered 20 people at our meeting last night. :)

I know what you mean, I almost want to do that, too, and have to keep stopping myself and saying, it's OKAY to be in a happy good place in my life right now! I've been there in the tough times, and I'm sure they'll come again, but I don't need to live vicariously through the ones my friends are having as least not so much!

That letter was cool, she should email it to Stupid Head. I emailed him last night. I wanted to but I didn't call him Stupid Head.

Anders solution sounds like something I'd do.

I'm sorry for all the challenges your friends are having and I know they appreciate your support.

I'm glad you didn't call him Stupid Head :D that would probably make you feel better, but it wouldn't help at all.

A's game with Karin was a great idea! We have the opposite problem here- DD wants to wear pajamas 24/7!
Last week we were at a friend's house and her son threw a toy with many pieces. Wendy tried to get him to pick it up but he wouldn't. Uncle JD came home, saw the situation, picked him up by the ankles and "walked" him aorund to pick up the toys. It was a game and he loved it. Men come up with active fun games/ solutions to kid problems. Women try to passively "talk you through it" at least that is my experience with my friends.

That is SO true. I think our brains just work differently. I'll suggest that to Anders next time we have the "clean up the kids dept" fight :) Hilarious!

Sorry to hear you're carrying so much worry and stress at the moment. 'It came to pass' is a good sentiment. I'm not what I consider a religious person either but one phrase I also often think of is 'there but for the grace of 'god' go I' with god having whatever definition you personally want it to have. It always makes me realise how lucky I am. Best of luck with it all.

And Karin is too funny :) I'm sure you've tried it but I would try doing the opposite. Insisting that she put more clothes on before she go to bed. I'd be going OTT and getting her to put on her whole wardrobe (except her PJs) with a serious face and telling her to get into bed. But then, I have no kids ;)

yeah, you're no help. :P The idea is for the bedtime routine to be faster, not SLOWER, Kristy. *lol*

I'll try your idea next time she pulls this stunt and let you know how it goes, hee hee :D

Well here's hoping that it actually works, you doubting cynic ;)

I do work in the field of human manipulation you know, specialising with kids and how to get them to bug mum for nasty sugary cereals :)

oh, that's right, you're another of those evil marketing people. no wonder we get along so well! LOL!

And I just noticed I called you Kristy up there, doh! type queen, that's me

That's all right, I get it all the time, Luz :)

Yeah, marketing people think alike, sneaky :)

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