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Be Afraid: Build Me Up Buttercup is apparently available as a mobile phone ring signal, but not yet for the Z600. Curses, foiled for now.

The outside of our building has metal blinds that react to the sun and automatically close when the sun is shining directly on them. Which means that when the sun is shining, we don't get to enjoy it. It's as dim in here as if it were a regular cloudy February day.

I'm tired of talking. Today I just want to be quiet. I don't want to be social and make conversation or small talk. When people come up to my desk, they're getting nods and monosyllables. Why isn't the word monosyllable shorter, for crying out loud?

Tonight, we have no plans to go anywhere or do anything. I want to have a nice dinner sitting together at the kitchen table with my family, talking about our week and listening to the kids describe their day:

Parent: How was your day?
Child: Good
Parent: What did you do?
Child: Nothing
Parent: You didn't do anything the whole day?
Child: Played
(repeat verbatim with second child)

They've already got that monosyllabic thing down pat.

Edited to say: Emily just called and is feeling so human that our lunch date, which was tentative after yesterday's visit got cancelled, is definitely on. She's checking out of the hospital in half an hour. :) So, I'll willingly go be social with her. :)

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