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This morning makes the second time I have driven to work, and on auto-pilot, gone straight to our old building. I can blame the Oscars for it this morning, though. I completely forgot that they were on last night and heard the news on the radio this morning on the way to work.

My boss's boss is back from his business trip, and has arranged his desk so that he's basically peering over my back when he's at his desk. I feel like I'm under survelliance. Plus, he and the woman on the other side of me have already started a disturbing trend of talking to each other over my head. Which, if it continues, is going to get extremely annoying.

I was just on the phone with the healthcare clinic for roughly five minutes and I suddenly realized that I wanted to just stay in the little quiet room with the phone to my ear for the rest of the day because there was MUSIC playing while I was on hold.

Go read this! Mosaic Minds has published its second issue, which the staff has worked very hard on. There are many, many interesting articles and stories, including a fascinating article on the phenomenon of deja vu, and one on getting started with your own online journal. :) Nostalgia is a theme that we can all relate to, judging by the amount of excellent submissions we received for this issue, including pieces by inflammatio, verian, cap_killer and others I'm proud to call friends. :D

While, erm, music shopping at jes6ica's yesterday, I realized that I am SO COMPLETELY OUT OF IT. I don't know the names of any bands or their hit songs if they happened after 1997, which is when I moved to Sweden and sank quickly into the cultural quagmire that used to be my musical life. Bubbles rising gently but speedily past my face, popping with names like String Cheese Incident, Air, Bush...I had to call my brother for help. Talk about feeling old. I'm so out of it I didn't even know that Indigo Girls have a new album out. I didn't even know the DAMN OSCARS WERE ON LAST NIGHT. Aren't they supposed to be in April?!

This is what happens when you don't watch TV, and don't have access to daily cultural reminders, not even the occasional timely issue of People or Us magazine. Movies are six months late here. So are TV programs. We rarely have the money to spend on CDs or going out to the movies. I don't know the names of all these little kids that are even nominated for things, much less what TV show or breakthrough indie hit has raised them to the giddy heights of stardom. Listening to the Oldies station doesn't help, but then, neither did listening to regular pop radio here. I can tell you who won the last Eurovision Song Contest, if you care, which you probably don't. And what the latest high-quality children's programming is on Swedish TV. sigh

You know you want an invitation to our house for dinner. I can cook artichokes and I make a mean korv stroganoff, and even Anders admitted at our wedding reception that he married me for my tuna casserole, but Anders is goooooooooood. He got the cooking bug yesterday and after skating, went to the grocery store and came home and made the most delicious dinner: tender little steaks (ryggbiff) barely-blush pink in the middle, peppered on the outside, almondy butter-tasting potatoes, fresh mushrooms and leeks sautéed in butter, and a killer gravy. I added spinach for some leafy green goodness. Mmmmmums.

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