zird is the word (lizardek) wrote,
zird is the word


Today marked my 4-year anniversary of working for Ericsson. It's been a (mostly) fun ride of ups and downs, creative challenges and some boring stretches. Seems my job is always either feast or famine: too much or not enough. I do better with the too much side of things.

At lunch today, after Johan admired the salt & pepper shakers the restaurant had, Bodil suggested he steal them by stuffing them down his pants, and I said, "Is that a pepper shaker in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" I didn't know he could turn that red. :D

How is that you can feel perfectly fine, if a little tired, one moment, and the next the back of your throat is itching and scrapey-feeling and you feel as if you got hit by a bus? Ugh.

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