zird is the word (lizardek) wrote,
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Left work with a scratchy throat and a flattened feeling yesterday, which developed over the course of the evening into full-blown sore throat and head cold. :( Thank God for Tylenol cold medicine imported from the heavenly land of superior over-the-counter-cold-remedies. I stayed home today so as not to infect the rest of the office, even though it's probably too late as they say you're most contagious before you show symptoms.

It's a gorgeous day today and the sun is doing aerobics on the remaining snow that is left in our yard (Feel the burn!). I slept until 12:30, held under by the wonderdrugs and feel okay, if a little slow this afternoon. Anders needs to work late, so I'll have to pull myself together in a couple of hours and go fetch the kids. Stop snoring and show some interest! This is my life! hahahaha!

Best game to play with Chinese food: When you break open the fortune cookie, read your fortune out loud and add the words "in bed" to the end of it.


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