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The sun was well up this morning, and shining directly into every crevice, sparkling and gleaming on the Kävlinge river and highlighting the mossy curves of trees. It worked hard yesterday melting the remaining snow, and all that is left are a few holdout patches clinging to ditches and shady spots. I think it will finish the job today, as the skies are a uniform bright blue. We've had more than our fair share of lovely winter days lately. :)

Still feeling under the weather, however, but made it to work today. Not sure I'll stay the whole day, but at least I am getting things done. We have an ergonomics expert going around and visiting each person in our company to check that our chairs and desks and computer screens and keyboards are adjusted to the right levels and heights. She's been to visit me before and it's great to know that such simple things can help with the minor nagging pains that one gets from sitting incorrectly. She says that my desk needs to be lowered so that it is 67 centimeters off the floor, because I'm so short. If it gets any lower, I might as well just sit ON the floor and not bother with a desk!

Made Me Laugh Cuz I'm Sick That Way: The story of The Passion told in Legos (thanks for the link vraptorz!)

Can a lizard that's not a chameleon get any more colorful than this?!



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